Get rid of dscan hotkey already!

Automate it. It’s not the 80s anymore.
Inb4 “arguments” to keep it as is: They are all invalid.


“By making it automatic, not only those who regularly dscan now but also those who never bothered will start spamming dscan when they don’t even have to as long as they are in space, which is not something CCP is ready to handle server load wise.” Something like this was the dev answer iirc.



yes you can set it to run it would run all the time only when you told it, and I don’t even use dscan.

Uh no

Why don’t you disable your hotkey?

It increases server load, especially for large fleet fights and would crash nodes.

It’s not just about convenience, having it automated would impact game performance, and automation would see TiDi kick in a lot earlier than it does now.

That wouldn’t be good.

I said this years ago. People defended the status quo then, and people will defend it now.

It’s obvious that ships, especially in any kind of futuristic sci-fi setting, should have a ‘radar’ or call it whatever you like. And it should be real-time, as much as the overview or whatever else is.

I get the argument that the way things are designed, it would increase server load. So be it. But then things should be redesigned (not that I expect that to happen).


Hopefully, ships in the future won’t need to worry about all of space/time crashing because of overuse of some bit of technology.

OTOH, there was the one ST:TNG episode where all ships had their warp speeds limited due to tearing up all of space/time… :woman_shrugging:

–Gadget just hopes the future has a reset button

I love it when someone’s argument is “But in the future…” Well, guess what. The game is set in the future, but the technology running the game is set in the present. Sorry…

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Your entire premise is invalid.

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you live in the 80’s ?


So enough people could force TiDi in a big fleet by repeatedly dscanning?

Or using thousands of drones, or fireworks, or pretty much anything else in a large fleet battle…


Hahahaha, present, the code running EVE is well antiquated hence legacy code, EVE has so many patches it makes Raggedy Ann look like regular Ann.

Time to employ our greatest defense. TiDi tanking using fireworks and repeated dscans.


You’re invalid

Wait a minute! Then how would wormholers kill inattentive people?

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Gadget also hates 'em.


You don’t even make a valid one yourself, and dismiss all counters as invalid before you even know what they are.

You pretty much invalidate yourself with that kind of intellectual dishonesty.

I think I could live with a d-scan module that scans at a limited range say, every 10s or so.