Suggestion: Directional scanner upgrades

Hey guys, Lets do an upgrade to the directional scanner.

  1. make it so that the scanner automatically scans, like radar with a rotating wheel thing that circles (like real radars do in movies). no more directional scan settings, now so it updates it will give you an arrow direction of where a target is when selected.

  2. rework the direction scan box to be more minimap / radar ish.

  3. create some modules that increase its scan rotation time (faster scan intervals).

A spreadsheet beats the fake radar in terms of information presentation and usability.

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the scanner can be set up to provide more detailed information, maybe a rework to ship scanners will allow for that feature as part of it?

This just removes any skill needed in scanning people down, and makes everyone a little safer, I could argue people need less safety, maybe remove local and then such an upgrade will be better placed :], because it would provide a more delayed response to someone in proximity compared to whats happening now with instant notification that someone has entered your local.

This is a change to the directional scanner, not the probe system. Its mainly just ment to remove the need to constantly click “scan” by adding an automatic scanning option that cycles every 10-15 seconds (increased by a module/rig option) and cleaned up into a minimap type option. Leaving the button to open “directional scanner” for the “list” and the minimap for the “Near” or other 3rdparty minimap replacements.

Imo, the local of non-wh space should be changed to wh space. it makes the game feel bigger, and provides more value to intelligence for things like the intelligence suggestions i made)

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Maybe the d-scanner upgrade could allow for detecting cloakies as well this would stop everyone from only flying cloaky ships. They will still have an advantage of cloaks by being able to be close without you knowing how close.

But some things that could make it more fun is attaching sensor strength to the d-scan so the higher your sensor strength the more delay before you show up on peoples auto d-scans, maybe being cloaked doubles the time as well.

I actually made a suggestion that probes on Covert/ recon ships can detect cloaked ships but its harder to detect them and would require a special type of probe. this puts a lot more power in the hands of players to counter it, but makes it require good skills (like near perfect scan skills). Maybe add some more skills for this type of scanning (cloak detection).

Would be interesting but would limit to only fleets or someone with a dedicated anti cloak scanning alt. And I feel it’s all linked so should be part of the discussion.

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The result of that would be some players now would be able to scan cloak ships, but not all which means there is a slow growing counter to cloaky camping. But this thread is not for this discussion.

Covert ops especially are out of the meta atm, This would be an excellent option to empower them.

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Although astero, the cruiser SOE ship cant remember the name and cloaky T3’s dominate wormhole hunting. So a delayed way to detect them for none specilized ships would be great (through d-scan upgrades).

It really doesn’t, because currently there is essentially zero skill involved in using d-scan. Once you learn the basics of how it works it’s 99% just being persistent enough to keep clicking “scan” as fast as possible.

The skill comes in through logical deduction, they are in this ship so its more than likely they are closer to this type of area and so on skipping scanning steps and speeding up the process and so on. EG you see an astero on scan and there is a unidentified sig in system there is a much better chance he is on a relic site, so you can skip a few steps. Or there is an epithal on scan so instead of scanning closer to him each time you swap to planet only overview and 15 degree scan all the custom offices. Vexor navy is going to be in in an anom, most probably Sanctum, a named hub or haven so you can narrow your search even before starting. But it usually doesn’t matter to much because as soon as they see you on local they dock up -_- local sux.

That’s an incredibly low level of skill, one that virtually everyone who does PvP has. “Oh, a relic/data farming ship on scan, guess I’d better drop probes and find their site” or “that’s a hauler, maybe I should scan planets” are so blatantly obvious that it’s kind of silly to call that conclusion “skill”. The vast majority of the time with d-scan you have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for and where you’re looking, because there aren’t very many possible options. Either you’re scanning defensively with a 360* scan of your chosen range and pressing “scan” as fast as possible to get advance warning of an incoming threat, or you’re scanning offensively and cycling between a 5* scan focused on each potential location as fast as you can press the buttons. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful use of d-scan has almost nothing to do with skill and understanding of the game, and everything to do with a combination of luck (did you press “scan” on the right point at the right time in the cycle) and persistence in pressing the button as fast as possible without getting tired of it.

Your trolling is funny :slight_smile: onto serious comments, something constructive would be nice :wink:

No. Feel free to post things that aren’t stupid if you don’t want them to be criticized.

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You can criticize all you want but your point’s don’t enhance this post in any manner.

CCP doesn’t want to automate the D-dcan due to the increased server load it causes. The range-calculations are very costly for the server to perform and when you make everyone do then constantly, it adds up fast.

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If you don’t want to be told that your idea is terrible then stop being wrong. And stop whining about criticism.