Scanning ideas

I was thinking about d. Scanning in general.
How about a module which improve dscann. For more accurate scanning. Or even ships with scann boost both combat scanning and d scanning. Allowing you to pinpoint these cloaky afk bastards. Also alowing you to warp in a specific direction. It wold end the cloaky afk dilema. :thinking::thinking::thinking: sounds a good idea for me.
What you think??

Please post your AFK Cloaking Ideas in the “Main AFK cloaky thread” here.

Make it easier for me to find mission runners without having to probe and reveal the fact I’m looking for them? Sure, I’ll take it.

What do you mean more accurate d-scanning? Locating a target within an angle of 5 degrees and range resolution of 0.1 AU is more sufficient for most purposes (like single scan combat probing them.)

There is no cloaky afk problem, just whiners.

It’s called a probe launcher.

You can even swap to km. (Klick on “AU”) Even smaller steps possible with that.
When that’s usefull? I could imagine in 10% Tidi, when you want to shoot only things in optimal.

It’s also useful when you’re sitting on a planet with dozens of moons, and are trying to determine which moon a particular target/POS/whatever is. About 7 d-scans will determine the distance to the target accurately enough to know which moon, this is a lot quicker than 5 degree scanning 30 moons.

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