Suggestion : D-Scan Overhaul (also intended against cloaky campers)

We are familiar with warp core strength mechanics. We can use a similar concept on dscan as well. Idea is having D-Scan Disruptor’s (active and/or passive, mid and/or low slot modules) for preventing a ship from getting d scanned ,gives a fixed amount of strength (1,2,3 etc.) comes with various module sizes and capacitor consumption rates (small, medium, large and capital size because it’s harder to hide a bigger ship).Counter is an active high slot module, D Scan Booster, with a fixed amount of strength (1,2,3 etc).

It may also apply to local, for an example if you have 3 disruptor strength and there’s a ship with 2 booster strength, that ship won’t be able to d-scan your ship nor the pilot will be able to see you in local chat.

But why ? to make afk camping obsolete, solo living with a specific fit (especially for outside of high sec) easier and it offers a doubtful and imprecise D-scan mechanic on most cases.

PS: If you make it that modules won’t work while cloaked and user can’t cloak right after using the module (let’s say cycle of the active module is 30 seconds, and user can only activate cloak 30 seconds after the end of the cycle), or you can use the module cloaked but it gives away your position in D-scan.
It would give other ships a little time gap to catch the ship.

This is just an idea, it might just be trash. I would appreciate any comment like why the idea doesn’t make sense, what can be changed or what else might work.


I like the idea of burst d-scan/local manipulation could be interesting if fleshed out well. Would tie in well with interceptor’s once they loose interdiction nullification so they have another roll or at least a bonus to something like this.


That module is called a Recon Ship.

Well, that ship’s just immune , it can stay that way and be the king amongst them.

My point is that there’s already an ability to avoid D-scan. I understand that your intent is to negate the ability for cloaky hunters to find and kill ratting ships, but you don’t address why you think that aspect of the game needs to be addressed. Seems pretty balanced to me.

Your summoning an infinite war and it might cost you an arm and a leg.


Balanced part is; ships can get hotdropped while also being able to get saved with a cyno, I accept the fact, the part that I’m not okay with is cloaky hunters’ ability to annoy people just by being there no matter if they’re afk or not. The idea of this topic is; if you wanna get info ? you gotta earn it first.

Well, you call it “annoying people”, they call it “desensitizing people to their presence” and it’s a valid strategy. There are any number of ways to shift the balance between ratters/explorers/missioners and hunters - this is just one more. The question isn’t HOW to do it, but WHY. You’re treating it as self-evident that hunters need to be gimped, but it’s not self-evident at all if you look at it beyond your own experience. Witness any number of threads raging at this moment arguing both sides.

To be fair, I think yours an interesting concept that would lead to some interesting fits and tradeoffs. I just remain unconvinced that it’s needed.

There’s already a thread for cloaky camping tears.

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I mean they aren’t going to lose their ability to spy or something they’ll just have to put more work into their job.
Yeah, it would add up some action as well as different fits.

Well the title says D-Scan overhaul and it’s not just intended for cloaky campers, for example it can make fw great again, think about it.

The OP outlines why the thread was created:

As a result, the whine should have just been contained to the existing cloaky camper tears thread, since by admission of the OP, the whole motivation is to remove cloaky camping.

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It’s literally is not just about cloaky campers it’s about anything that can use d-scan, duh… and maybe not just for the purpose of ease, it makes things unpredictable which might add good flavour to the game.

We can only take any post for the words actually written, on the reasonable expectation, that what is included is the most important message(s) you wanted to convey. The written word is the main form of communication we have here.

You made the whole OP about cloaky camping, both in the title and in explaining the motivation for the thread. Whether you intented consciously or not to make it about cloaky camping, those are the words you wrote. The words you chose as the most important ones for the thread. The motivation you indicated.

Go put it in the existing tears thread. We don’t need another whine about cloaky camping, shitting up the forum.

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Yeah, no. Clearly written by someone who has never been involved in FW. Such a measure would exacerbate the problems in FW - not improve them. This would massively advantage campers and others trying to avoid combat - not what FW was intended for.

It doesn’t have to be that way, if we put the idea just the way it is developed up to now of course it would fail. I’m trying to find a way to make it work, these kind of mechanics aren’t just popping out of nowhere and it may never will, but please make constructive comments or just don’t post any so we can focus on improving it, otherwise it’ll rot in the forum anyway.

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except if they are afk they literally can’t bother you. its your own internalized paranoia doing that.

also how has this thread not been locked there is already one dedicated to AFK cloakes to keep the forums clean of this crap

Paranoia ? Yes, but not meaningless, they give a good reason for that. I don’t even feel the need to explain why.

No, it’s not just about AFK cloakes just because I also want it to affect them, but yes this might be a good counter to them, a counter which can be adjusted to don’t kill their ability to spy but making it “actively time consuming and maybe a bit riskier”.

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if they are afk its meaningless as they can’t do a damn thing… everyone else deals with neutrals in system just fine its only you null bears that get frozen up over it.

JFC people, stop making terrible anti-cloaking whines. This is a solution in need of a problem and it doesn’t even nerf AFK cloaking. So what if you can see the cloaked ship on d-scan, you already know it’s there because you see the name in local. People will still use AFK cloaking because the aren’t going to fill all their slots with your d-scan modules in a failed attempt to avoid being spotted by your alt with a full rack of scan buff modules. We don’t need more complexity and niche-role modules with limited practical value.

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