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So I had an idea of improving the use of local in nullsec. When you jump into a system in null, you have your gate cloak for a minute.

So you can see the grid, but not local until you decloak. Lore wise this will be because your ship sensors need to sync with the gate in order to get a list of who is present in local and also to register your ship as joining local.

For this reason you dont show up in local until you decloak and you can use D-Scan to find targets before you decoak.

This should give a better chance for hunters to find a ratter/miner, or get a jump on an enemy fleet, but also some time for an alert ratter/miner to safe up or the opposing FC to react as soon as you pop up in local…

Obviously there will still be gate flashes, so a gatecamp will see ships coming in, but will have to be paying attention to the number of flashes coming in to know whether to engage or pull back.

What is your thoughts on this proposal?

Edit: changed D-Scan to pinpoint while still cloaked

Since a ratter/miner is going to initiate warp the moment a non-blue appears in local, the person entering warp should still get to narrow their scan.

Ok, with full D-Scan allowed, do you think this is a workable change?

I definitely think it’s better than what we have now and solves the issue where a new comer appears in local before they even load the system. If it were upto me I’d probably implement it.

I wouldn’t go so far as saying it is the solution to afk cloaking vs local problem however.

I agree, the afk cloaking camper needs a different solution. One that makes the camping viable but also one that gives the campee a decent chance to catch the camper if he’s alert enough.

Oh look another AFK cloaking thread!

@ISD_Sakimura Cleanup Isle Nine!!

This suggestion has nothing to do with AFK Cloaking. Reading comprehension?

I think it’s a pretty cool idea, minus the inability to pinpoint dscan.

Having to actually pay attention to the number of flashes (though, any good fleet is going to have a scout and know before hand anyway) would add a bit of fun to any unscouted gate camp or fleet. And, having a fleet with enough discipline to all jump at the same time would really be fun…since 100 ships could show up as 2-3 flashes instead of 100.

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Sorry, I just assumed everyone knows that the AFK Cloaking thread is also the Local thread.

Been that way a long time.

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