Local Delay but a fair and balanced feature

Local Delay but a fair and balanced feature.

Here’s my idea. Gate cloak hides you from local until invulnerability is over/cancelled. Nothing new there.

Here’s the balancing feature. It hides local from you also. You cannot see the local chat / list until you interact with the chat, break gate cloak or DC.

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Been suggested and killed many times.

IB The Lock!

So people jumping through gate can see what’s on the other side before “making their move”? In essence providing zero intel other than a gate activation?

So with this in place a forward scout wouldn’t have to give themselves away to local immediately. I guess I can see the benefit.

I’m of the mind that local chat should behave like WH space in lowsec and Nullsec, so sure I’ll go along with it.

You miss the part where they can’t see anything either.

It still provides an advantage for the one jumping through because they can see what’s in the space pocket on their overview. Even if they can’t see local. If they’re totally blind then there’s not really a point to this, they were essentially “blind” before they jumped. Or am I not understanding what you’re getting at?

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  1. It removes the ability for botters to instantly react to neutrals in system.
  2. It doesn’t give the hunter an infinite advantage.
  3. It’s a hindrance to the oppression of both sides having overwhelming advantage.

I think the only reason it might be seen as a bad idea by devs is trying to get into the spaghetti to sort out the code.

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