Main AFK cloaky thread

You were wrong, like all the other care bears in this thread, why waste time?

Apparently you don’t understand the difference between “positive ISK balance” and “biggest ISK faucet in the game, by far”.

And yes proliferation of cloaky campers is a thing every system in period basis, delve and querious is camped, brave is now getting camped, TEST is getting camped.

And your point is? Nullsec is still the game’s biggest ISK faucet, indisputable proof that not everyone is as helpless and weak as you. How about instead of whining about how unfair it is that your RMT bot got shut down you take a look at what the successful PvE farmers are doing that allows them to continue making vast amounts of ISK?

And yes KBs can help figure out what is happening in the game, and to see if the person you are talking to has any credibility, and to hide behind an alt to convey conversation points just shows you’re unwilling to give any ground for your arguments.

Like I said, you’re another idiot who doesn’t understand the concept of alts and has no legitimate argument.

If an idea needs to be “propped up” by a KB then the idea probably sucks.

Good ideas stand alone.

So the best weapong against cloakcampers is botting?

Hm, CCP should take a look to anything that encourages botting.

No it is pixel courage. Read it again.

The intellectual dishonesty here is pretty spectacular.

Ok to try and get to a conclusion with this thread (for the love of god make it stop) ,

Can we call agree to support the idea of cloaks having cycle times which will require the cloak to be activated again? depending on skills and types of cloak this time cycle time can range anywhere from 15mins to a hour.


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Of course not.

Why would you want to do this? It buffs the safety and income of nullsec matters without touching their free and perfect Intel system in local chat. That does not make the game better, it just makes one group safer.

There isn’t a simple fix to this problem. Whatever would be necessary here will require touching multiple things. Cloaks aren’t the problem given this isn’t an issue anywhere else but nullsec. You need to target the root of the problem to make this thread go away.

So having a permanent cloak is not making a group of players completely safe ?

No more so than logging off or staying docked.

You can’t do anything while cloaked. You can’t generate resources, you can’t PvP, you can’t change systems. But no risk, no reward so it’s fine. If you want to do anything you have to uncloak and now are no longer safe, nor are you AFK.

But you would have known this if you had read the previous 6700 posts, lol. In any case, I don’t think we need to go there again.

Too late , already here

Here comes some wet behind the ears new player with some dumb as suggestion that has been made 1000 times. Then he is going to “end this thread”.

Maybe you should read it first.

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Safe to do what?

Stop bothering us and read the thread.

There’s nothing wrong with a permanent cloak. The idea of emerging from a cloak with a penalty (namely a reduced capacitor) may be sensible from a PVP perspective, however. I believe Brisc is on board with this.

No. This is a really stupid idea.

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I love that your attempt to “get to a conclusion” is to just completely and entirely disregard the other side’s points and arguments. you must be American.


Tbf that’s not uniquely American but I see your point lol.

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This thread was over 1/3 the way to a conclusion (and stop) until you had to say something… an interesting read

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