Cloak by cycle and cap

cloak+mwd trick still works
mayube like triglavian, with more and more capacitor use with each cycle

Could you explain why you think this change is necessary, and why this isn’t just another RMT farmer whining about how cloaked ships interfere with their farming?

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All i want, that player really plays eve. Not being a sort of bot, thats launch the game and forgot to start script. No afk. Cloaky ships - great! No need to “bring observatory arrays”. But bring a man to keyboard. To hit the keys, to move a mouse. To think. and do. this is important. And mechanic, i suggested, will hit the goal. Want to be a lamp? its ok, but you need to restart cloak. So it doesnt eat so much cap with each turn.

at first glance: 15 minute at ship and its out of cap, and then decloak. so, click at cloak and click it again. 10 lamps you got? more clicks you need. but with yours hands, not a script. start using bots program to do this simple action? well, chance to ban

Then you should love AFK cloakers. They make botting harder.

This should be in the main AFK cloaking thread. Not it’s own.

I’d link you to the main AFK cloaking thread but someone has beaten me to the punch. That said, closed for redundancy.