Delay local chat now that we have de-cloaker pingers

Now that the de-cloaking changes have been pushed out, can we now have delayed local at least in those systems that have these deployed?

They cannot have everything their way without giving something back.

DELAY LOCAL CHAT, local chat is not Mr.Radar







nope… since it affects you only if you are afk…



Better still, lets just have ‘blackout’ return.


Not a chance,

A delayed local would prevent bots from functioning safely. All eve monetisation is now based around brain dead n+1, this includes botting.

If you don’t like botting then this is the wrong game for you.


lol .

Well yes. But actually, no.


And what about is it would just take 10 seconds (no hard number) before you connect to the chat when you enter an NS system? This would give hunters time to get a couple of d-scan cycles off to find out where someone is.

You would still have a high change as ratter to escape since the removal(that’s how I see it) of nullified centers and the fact you are most likely not sitting on the warp in.
But would give the hunters more fun since landing see-ing the guy warp off is more exciting than wait 20seconds after taking a gate to see what will be left on d-scan. And then d-scan what remains down since those are AFK real players.

Something like this would also bring back some risk to NS since now it’s almost like HS but with better Bounty’s and bigger ships.

This presumes you know exactly who the scout is and local chat affects more than just ratters. Needing to keep your eyes THAT glued to local won’t make for much of a game. Do you want people to hunt or do you want your targets to quit EVE?

Is there no other solution to getting rid of botters other than tinkering with local chat?? (which was tried and abandoned once already).

Things like NEAR2 exist. . . You no longer need to be laser focused on local with PVEing to avoid all hostiles.

You don’t need to, all you gotta do is see that the particular character who just entered is not a friendly.

That’s a tad drastic. However, you could say the same about the hunters. By eliminating one of their tools AND buffing their opponents, wouldn’t they just quit?

Some Hunters: implying that local in null is just a resident tool.

Free spirited explorers: Am I joke to you?

check zkillboard . ppl die a lot in null allready.

Isd please lock, same old ban bots, delete local whine posts.

This game is not for you, local & botting is a fundemental part of eve, adapt or die.

You should not be in local if you have a gate cloak CMV.

WAAHH!! make ganking even easier. WAAAHHHH!!!

WwWaAaaAAaAaHHhhHHh!!! EZ kills CCPlz.


:sob: :cry: :sleepy: :sob:

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