Local should be delayed

Personally, I’d prefer local only to be for chat, wormhole space has it right.

The ability to instantly know the very second someone enters the system you in is silly.

Inb4: you just want easy miner kills
Inb4: you dont want it because you want ez mining / botting and don’t want to dscan



Huh. So now you steal my ideas as well :smiley:

Already suggested this :smiley:

Too hardcore. Hard to monetize. CCP says no.


So Eve takes place +20,000 years in the future…

There’s technology to make ships invisible; to move entire fleets on interstellar jumps; to tractor beam matter and build space stations +50 Km across in 24 hours.

And yet no one can drop a satellite, a technology 20,000 years old, to continuously surveil an area and receive high level intel. So to know what pilot is in system is a meager compromise at best.


There is also in game reasons to explain away why you can’t.

Blackout would enhance the game much, and would make it harder to catch and to be caught if not aware.

Peeps won’t tho, cause they scared :smiley:

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This already happened with the blackout in null. Player numbers dropped quite a bit back then and one news site said that CCP’s revenue took a while to recover from it.

A comporiss that the names in the local are updated after a certain time (e.g. every 30 or 60 seconds), seems to be technically not possible according to a Dev.

My impression was that during the blackout, a lot of PvP pilots from null were happy at the beginning. But then it seemed to have given way to disillusionment, as there was less ships and the ones that were there were other PVP fleets that also shot back :slight_smile:


I got no problem with them shooting back.

In reality, people use local as a crutch. It is a very powerful tool.


Local is the most powerful intelligence tool in the game.

It’s a complete and total crutch.


“F The Empire”

i think we tried that , it was called blackout and was a collossal failure. on the other hand we have risk free pilots using filaments to come in , then hide and filament to get out. or using the mechanic outside the ESS to sit well off the gate moving away so that you cant engage. but thankfully, CCP provides all these hapless players a set destination button to help them find ESS and ice belts, because hunting takes effort.
delayed local, really, how much more help do you need


It is funny. They introduced blackout and player numbers crashed. Then they got rid of blackout.

What could be to opposite of blackout?

They introduced mobile observatories and the player numbers crashed in a similar way. It looks like they are committed to it this time.

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thats cause the afk crowd got upset… which im totally fine with.

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And blackout upset the RMT’ers.

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i’m fine with that too…

Is there a way to make it so that bots can’t tell the difference between a grey or blue in local? Like make it so that there is a list of names, but without standings. And then next to the list of the standings, have a 1 by 7 box that’s a JPEG lined up so that the standings are on the same line as the person who has the relevant standing. Since the API will only detect the name and not the standing (sicne the standing is in JPEG), the bot is stuck and can’t automatically dock when a grey enters the system without docking every time a blue enters.

Having a bot look at a JPEG isn’t too hard these days… in this case you don’t even need anything very fancy (you don’t need to train a CNN for image classification or something like that) simply count the number of blue pixels in relevant rows of the image.

That said, I completely agree with the delayed local idea… although I do realise it’ll never happen… so I’d like to suggest a compromise: only show players in local once their gate cloak ends.

  • It equals the field a bit for hunters with a bad computer/connection… before my last upgrade, by the time my grid had loaded after I jumped into a system, people (or at least the bots) had long reached warp
  • it can be countered by good local intel sharing and having people watch gates
  • someone who is holding gate cloak is not (yet) a threat
  • it also provides some protection from gate camps, as any campers will not know who just jumped into them (unless they also have scouts on the other side)

Not in the new era of needle jack. before yes. but now needles and ess have revives small scale pvp and raiding the balance is right.

I was pro a 20sec delay to local in null few years back but i actually think needle jacking and ess are a better mechanics.

I would like to see more content in traditional environments though. I think the abyss and deadspace has killed part of the eve experience

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The null sec residents crying when local was hidden says it all. As soon as a neutral enters local they all dock