Local is Trash

Having lived in wormholes for 5 months now, I have to say it, local is trash.

As soon as local n+1s, everyone just docks up. Its nigh impossible to find pvp content unless people are AFK or willingly fight. And the amount of scripts that are run on gilas that are based on local n+1? Its insane!

Why is local a thing? Why the handholding, I thought new eden was a harsh environment? It should only be used for communication, or at the very least, have a 5minute delay.

Tired of everyone docking up as soon as local n+1s.

edit: I am referring to local in lowsec and nullsec


This is just speculation so take it as such.

The game company that made this cooperative massively multiplayer online role-playing game needed a way for people to talk with each other.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Script mining whales elect the CSM. Then the CSM lobbies to protect the people who want to grind safely in “dangerous” space.


I obviously meant local for seeing who is in system, not chat. I’m sure you knew that, so I’m just assuming you are a troll?

I literally said “It should only be used for communication” in my next line.

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Or you edited it in after I posted.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I did not, you can click the orange pencil edit icon and see. And the from the context of the post itself, you should have been able to work it out.

Seems you are just a troll. I will block and move on! Good to find 'em early.


have you thought about going in low/null with a cloaked ship? that way you don’t have to see all the lil carebears dock up on the sign of a neutral coming into their territory

Yeah, I’ve lead a pvp roam with t3cloakies every night since the SP loss change.

Cloaked or not, you show up on local as soon as you enter the system.

Maybe CCP could give you a “tie every undocked person to a post” module so you can just waltz up and shoot them?

Local is a thing because some people fly ships that can’t fight.

But yes there are people out there who love ducks in barrels and who would call releasing a hobbled rabbit and shooting it “a hunt”.

Maybe you could get more traction if you suggested ships over a certain DPS have delayed access to local?


Or, ya know, space is a dangerous place and you shouldn’t be immediately notified when a cloaked ship enters your system through a rift in space & time. Its downright silly and just caters to botters and carebears.


thats another troll you’ll want to ignore. he’s very against pvp or ganking.


Ahh, ok! Thank you. I was curious why he was being so hyperbolic.

I wanted a delayed local and he was suggesting ‘why not just tie people to posts’?

Makes sense why he was so purposely thickheaded. Appreciated the tip-off!

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So danger = guaranteed death? Not in my book.

Warp core stabilizers just got a hard nerf. But you want more.

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Yeah, people who have been operating in Jspace without local for 5 years have guaranteed deaths on the daily they can’t do anything about.
Because without local to check, you are guaranteed to die!!! How else could one stay alive without local!??!


Because it amounts to the same thing. 5 minutes is loads of time to snuggle up next to a miner with a cloak and then uncloak and blast him to smithereens before he even has a chance to access the drop down menu.

you’re right, miners in low/null should be aware of any possible danger ASAP.

There’s no security space called highsec or anything.

So what are you saying? That everywhere should be Jspace because you lost access to it? Why don’t you stay in Jspace if its so great?

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I lost access to it? I’m in a wormhole corp, you don’t even check the people’s profiles of whom you are slinging dirt at XD

If you are going to be thick, atleast put some work into it.

I got to disagree. I love fighting, and I’m glad I can see who’s in system and look for someone to fight.

The problem isn’t localr, the problem is the dock up mentality. Nullbears say things like, “We can’t give good fights, because then people will come here for good fights, and then we won’t be able to mine.”

Seriously, they say that.

No local just means they will stay docked. Just like when faced with cloaky campers.


So basically, these players are such whiney carebears that they will stay docked up indefinitely rather than risk losing a ship?

Dear god, I knew some people in eve were risk-averse, but that is nutso!! I didn’t know they were that bad.