Null Station Gank

  1. Setup around the station just like if it were a gate
  2. All at once talk in local, revealing yourselves to the null bears
  3. Tackle and gank as they dock in panic because there is someone in local :rofl:

You forgot, deploy bubbles so they drop out of tether range.


There are no stations in sov nullsec anymore, you silly …

Is local already gone?

NPC null says hi!

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That’s not Sov Null now is it!

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  1. Keep waiting while they cloak for 4 hours or until downtime.


That’s easy, I’m never going to realize that … duh… :slight_smile:

Miners or ratters see everyone appear in local, they warp to safespot and cloak up then taunt in local and wait. Me being not smart enough on how you’d counter that, please explain.

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use a recon.


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Recon better warp scramble, so you are talking on another case than what OP said.
Op wanted to eliminate scout, just catch them at the station. Where the miner/ratter can look and see the armada. Learn to reply after your understood the post.


Op is talking about blackout and sitting his fleet on station/citadel after entering then everyone saying hello in local.
when everyone goes to dock they land in bubble.

I dont know what your reading, or what planet your on.
but its not the same as the rest of us.

you dont understand eve mate, your replies are dumb and ill thought out; you have no real idea whats happening around you do you?

No, that’s what the first poster added. HighSec Op was talking about tackle.

  • Set up AROUND the station… lol, better be some tiny station then?
    Seems both of you should play some in nullsec. See you there.

so your off topic then?



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No, you are just trolling. Bye.


Not really no, just saying how it is, for example OP means original poster.

clearly you dont get it.

literally no idea what your talking about but id hope you understand how sabres work if you live in nullsec…
you do right?

looks like you dont omg

AND no one NO ONE on this thread posted about highsec…

basically your a moron.



Dont think you know what that means.