Local chat delay in K-space (intelligent lore compatible idea)

So basically, you set up a delay for players to show up in local chat upon entering a system based on this system’s security status as some kind of ‘‘ping’’ from the gate to send your info to the gate server.

let’s say a 1 minute base delay for 0.0 security status, on which the security status acts as a multiplier so.

0.0 = 1 minute delay
1.0 = 0 second delay
0.5 = 30 second delay
-0.2 = 1 minute 12 seconds delay and so on.

lore wise, we know that gates are supposed to recognize and register you, but now, the further away you are from the servers which are in high-sec systems, the longer it takes to register you, kind of like a ‘‘ping’’

function = reduce botting and make nullsec and low sec a little bit less safe.

also of course once you type in local you show up before the delay ends.

So if you are mining in a 0.5 system, a fleet of gankers for a corp or alliance that you have flagged as hostile would be on top of you before you could even see them in local…

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D-scan bro, or put an alt or two in systems around to cover your butt

So your solution is to hit DSCAN every 5 seconds all day long even in high sec?

if you don’t feel safe from ganks mining in a 0.5 hs then go to a 0.7 or something lol. You would probably make more isk anyways because Nullsec botters would be the ones to get F&?$ed hard from this idea, thus giving more worth to your mining work in the grand scheme of things

There’s no need to have delayed local in high sec. The botting problem is in null, not high…


I think i would make it that Hi-sec space isn’t subject to the delay at all, and it would only really kick in from .4 and below, Criminal and wardec standings and tags and bounties and all those things should be flagged automatically in local across the eve universe… also if you have standing set to a corp, i would have it that they really should be showing up in concord secure space.

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i fulled get you, but the way i put it in this thread is to make it fit with the lore as some kind of gate ping, but you’re right, it could be just a flat 1 min delay in nullsec but some might find it a bit too random and immersion breaking of a mechanic

I have to disagree… i think there is a large amount of botting happening in Hi-sec too. CODE are doing their thing for a reason, do you not think so?

Is there botting in high sec? Yes. Is it anywhere near as big of a problem as in null? Not even close. CODE gets most of their kills not because their targets are bots, but because they are AFK…

Lets be honest here, Dscan needs a total rework to something that doesn’t require button smashing, but instead is some kind of radar display always on, with configurable settings. Would also make it harder to bot if it didn’t give a nice line by line spreadsheet readout.

After any Dscan rework that removes the button smashing, then delayed local could work. I’d rather see delayed constellation chat though and local all works like WH local, only appear if you deliberately use it. (Or no local at all in K space), as Constellation chat doesn’t give away precise location.

Yes, it’s called profit & tears. The whole anTI-botting thing is literally just metagaming to scam people into donating and thinking they are ‘good’.

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If you need to label an idea as “intelligent” rather than allow people to come to their own conclusions, that’s a strike.

Second, how many daggone “delayed/exempted/removed” local concepts do yall need? There’s been multiple variations posted on this to the point it probably needs a roundup thread of it’s own, and a ban on new top level topics, like AFK cloaking.

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Not seeing the problem. Perhaps you shouldn’t mine in busy systems and should stay aligned so you can warp out before a threat can tackle you?

And this. Having to manually press the button as fast as d-scan will cycle is not meaningful gameplay, you should be able to set it to auto-repeat just like your active modules. TBH I’m surprised CCP hasn’t made such an obvious change already.

Because with the current output method this would be bot central since you just scrape it to a logger, and now you have an automated bot tracking everything.
To make it automated, the output has to change away from a spreadsheet to a visual representation somehow, which is small enough to fit on your main screen without needing a special window so it can be always up, but requires player attention and skill to make good use of. My mind went to the classic space fighter 3d radar for this, but there probably is at least some kind of good solution.

But how is this any different from the current state? A bot doesn’t get frustrated with having to click a button as fast as possible, it just has a line in its script that clicks the button at the correct interval. The only people hurt by the current system are legitimate players who have a less-effective tool because they get tired of spamming the button at its maximum rate.

Now they have to send a bot input to the client at least, rather than not interact with the client at all, which at least gives some chance of detecting the bot. Especially obvious if the player is running multiple clients for Dscan.
Changing it to automated Dscan would move the tracking bots to entirely outside the clients I believe.


I don’t really disagree with this, it’s one reason I am disinterested in Null/WH’s these days. I just think solving this simply by automating it might be one of those more harm than good solutions.

I like that you like my idea and would want it to be implemented, but maybe ask next time before you put it out like this and then pretend it’s your own.

Maybe don’t pretend you are the first to suggest or post this either.
A delayed local has been talked about in various forms for years & years, and amazingly two people can come up with the same idea independently.

Did I at any point suggest or imply I was the first ever? No? Then kindly stfu.