The solution to (combat) botting is easy

Change drones to being a mount type, make the animation drones. This will also empower anti-project/drone weapons like anti-missile launchers, as a meta counter to drones.

swap out drones to being a ammo type, call it a day. Instant balance, and now people need to pay attention, as npcs with anti-missile launchers will be a counter for drones.

Swap needed bonus’s to drones to dronelaunchers.

the same can be applied to capitals.

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Nerfing drones will not fix botting because it does nothing to address the reason for botting: that PvE is a menial task that requires zero thought and negligible effort, and is therefore extremely easy to automate with no real chance of failure. The solution to botting is to remove local, nerf capital fleets, and let the bots get slaughtered by PvP players they are incapable of fighting back against.


Or at least give players who enter local a “Communications Signal Delay Timer” that prevents the Communications Network from showing a player in local for a given time period (let’s say 30 secs) just like the Jump Cloak Timer, except that it doesn’t expire when players start moving etc… This way you get a small window where you would be able to actually catch bots and nullbears without triggering the immidiate docking response from entering a system.

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Doesn’t work if people are running decent security for the botted system(s). It would reduce the good places to bot, but… The assets which can be generated by botting are sufficient to allow you to rent that dead end system with 3 jumps from the nearest open end of your pipe, so you have time to react anyway.

This proposal will have zero impact on botting. Please, don’t be a Brewlar when it comes to conjuring up anti-botting fantasies that have no basis in reality.

This proposal will also change drones into… not drones. If you have issues with drone balancing/counters/etc that’s a different thread that should be discussed in isolation from botting… but honestly? Drones are rather underpowered (at least relative to their defenses), not overpowered at the moment. It is insanely easy to counter drones even in HS where you don’t have the luxury of using and abusing smartbombs and bombs. At worst, drone users get to maintain their throughput alongside turret and missile users, whose weapons can’t be ‘disabled’ like droneboats can (save for draining cap of hybrids or lasers, but that still leaves projectiles and missiles, or in the extremely unlikely event you run out of ammo mid-battle, which won’t affect lasers), so all they’re doing is achieving parity moreso than supremacy (it’s not as if drones don’t have their own disadvantages even if they aren’t defanged).

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only 3?


i think removing aggressive mode from drones would put them on par with other weapon systems - players have to manually target and “fire” to kill things.

Removing aggressive isn’t actually a bad idea. Advanced players always keep their drones in passive anyway (for numerous reasons, including not triggering combat timers unnecessarily). This would help eliminate passive gameplay as well.

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