How to fix Botting in Null Sec

Give us wormholers a Ship or Consumable or some such thing that keeps us from showing up in Local Chat.

We’ll fix the problem for you REAL fast.


Oh look another “remove local” variant. Does it offer anything new. Nope.


If you mean yet another thread devolving into nullbear rage, then probably not.

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This will not solve the bot problem at all, but it will put a dent in it even though the size of that dent is highly debatable from smallest to mid or even large impact. Therefore, because no matter how small of a step it would be, it would be a step in the right direction, so I have to be in support of it.

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blah blah blah,
excuses excuses,
bots are crucial for big corporations and nobody want to tackle that … :expressionless:

Competing is crucial to big corporation if they bot it is only because other corps do.

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Remove local


This consumable isn’t a bad idea, 30 second delayed detection, enter system 2 times, collect killmail.

pve overhaul would remove bots too… some content is 10 years old and easily afk/ bot-able. Idk if there are bots running abysmal sites.

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Looking at your corp’s killboard, you can’t fix a thing. I alone get more kills per day than your corp per month. Before you spout nonsense, actually do something to substantiate your claim.

Counter suggestion: Leave your wormhole for a bit and roam around null sec instead of just hunting random explorers in wormholes. That will make bots less profitable because they can’t generate as much income. That will remove the bot issue a lot faster than your useless local inhibitor.


No, go away.

What’s actually wrong with this idea?

Removing local as a whole really wouldn’t help much. Botters would just sit cloaked at gates. This idea isn’t the same as removing local as a whole and the nullbears would cry rivers about it.

Just delay local by around 7 minutes.
That will be the “Day of the Gank” for bots.

  1. Without bots the peak time eve population would fall 50%

  2. CCP should add more bots to this empty dangerous space.

  3. Remove local?
    How do I know… when to dock up and log off when hostiles in system!?

Conclusion: Allow more bots and give 50% plex discount to proven bot accounts!
Also implement auto dock up and log off when hostilities enter the system.

Safer\Empty’er EVE for everyone!

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No, you won’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind such a consumeable, but it won’t fix botting.

Killing VNI bots is like the most boring form of PVE, while also having bad payout. You can’t kill them faster than they pay for themselves. They keep coming back, because it’s just about the profit margin - everything else is automated. Even if you managed to push down profits for a while, let’s see how long you can force yourself to doing this kind of boring thing, before simply giving up due to how nonsensical it is.

Super bots are a different story. A delayed local may work, but only if there are way more Wormhole connections into Null - I’m talking Lowsec level. Only if you don’t have to take gates can you guarantee to surprise a botting Super (they’d most likely have scouts at gate pings). And this anyway, more Wormhole connections into Nullsec, mandatory, not this laughable Upgrade no one uses, would improve a lot of issues with safety in Nullsec.

Local is part of null. It doesn’t need change.

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I know it’s scary when you realize you might have to remove the training wheels.

It’s for your own good…really.

Simple solution to getting rid of bots! GO SHOOT THEM!

Removing local wouldn’t affect bots only bots with a blacklist that alters their behaviour depending on who is in local. Recent bots I’ve seen do not have this.
Removing local would mean you would only have Dscan to detect the presence of a bot and not it’s signature 0.0 security status, NPC corporation and repetative KB.
People would also pretend to be bots to kill your bot hunters thus making it harder to hunt bots.

Answer all these questions and think hard on what to do about it.

Why are people using bots ?
Obviously to get ISK.

What are these ISK used for ?
Is it to pay for plexing ? Structures, ships and modules ?
Sold on black market stores as all of the above ?
Something else ?

Where are people doing this botting ?
As far as i can read on forum and se ingame it’s everywhere but it’s mainly in 0.0 space, FW space and the marked we se bots.

What ships are mainly used for botting ?
Maybe all i don’t know. But again from what i se ingame and read about it’s mainly Carriers Ratting, and mining ships mining in 0.0 and WHs. And cheap low lvl ships in FW.

How do they fit on these bot ships ?
Auto targeting modules probably makes it easier.

What game mechanics allow even simple keyboard macros to run an effective bot ?
Drone auto attack definitely makes it easier.

What programs/bots are being used ?
I have no idea but i bet there easy to find.

Knowing all this would make it easier to track, find and bann them. Or/and make some NPCs to that can somehow hunt them.

Why can Alfa’s sell plex, extractors and so on the market ?
This is surely part off the problem.

I don’t think botting can ever be stopped but it can be made harder and less profitable to do botting even without making it a problem to real players.
GMs could get botting reports directly ingame so they can take contact to a player fast after getting report to confirm if it’s a player or bot.

Well this thread is called botting in Null so I would assume they are on about bots that can do Null sec sites and not stabbed atrons. Alpha accounts are probably not as much of a problem in Null as they have restrictions regarding most ships and weapons with heavy duty firepower.