Please removal nullsec local chat. Replace with regional chat

There’s two big issues currently with EVE. One is that nullsec is too safe. The other is that botting in nullsec is easy and rampant, because it is too safe.

The solution? Perhaps not the ‘ultimate solution’. I don’t think there is any one solution. But what would go a long way in helping, more than most ideas by far, is to remove local chat from nullsec.

Replace it with a regional chat instead. Once you’re inside a certain region, you’re in regional chat. As an added possibility, you could add the option to hide yourself from regional chat, or you only appear once you’ve spoken. This is just in case botters get the idea of docking up if anyone enters regional chat. Just an option to consider.

You could also keep local chat as it is, but add the option to hide yourself from it.

The point of this change is to stop chat from being used an intel tool. It’s the most powerful tool in the game to help players avoid enemies. Why bother with actual game tools such as the scanner when all you need to do is watch local for non blues and then warp to safety. That’s partly why nullsec is so safe and it’s why nullsec bots have it so easy.


Drifters dont use local. People a very upset. Some are even staying docked.
Also; thread nr 5 billion about it.

Soon there will be no local in NS, confirmed info from The Scope but probably it’s only temporary (bet they testing outrage :smiley: )

In that video it said something that sounded like it was going to be a permanent thing, go watch it again and you might have the same feeling as me. Also about 90% of comments are of happy people which is surprising to see I thought there would be 60% tears.

No local or regional chat. No chat at all.

Nullsec needs to be dangerous. Their throwing a tantrum shows how risk-averse and carebearish they’ve become.

Nullsec needs to deserve its rewards.


This. Burn it all down.
Adapt or die.
Let’s see if people really have the cajones to live in nullsec without local.

  • I wouldn’t get too happy, CCP might reverse it later to extract tears from others by trolling.

  • Replace local with a deployable destructible comms unit.

  • I really don’t want null babies moving back up into high sec as they become quickly bored not seeing their zeros go up then start drifting around high sec.

  • bots will move up into high sec which will make gankers happy I suppose.

Look like something like this is happening, but not sure how permanent: Looks like local in nullsec will be gone

Bots don’t post on the forums.


Sheesh, YouTube posts are full of bot posts, kinda entertaining to see people raging over bot comments, but it might not be that hard to bot here too.

We already have regional chat, it’s called “The Intel Channel”

Yes they do.

Botmasters are working propaganda over time to try to convince CCP to bring back local. Probably make a an unsub post for each of their bot accounts.

Those posts are made by the botters, not the bots. Two different entities.

argument to pvp player only

Nullsec is not too safe ‘per se’. The residents, when they organize, can keep it decently safe for the residents. It is still not for the non-residents. sandbox and all.

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Don’t you dare spew your logical posts here! :rage:

Ah eh yes… then we go in high sec and gank abit more

Their overlords, do.

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