Dear CCP, thank you for breaking local chat again in especial, perv manner


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  • The Final Solution to the Local Chat Question
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Dear lovely CCP developers, thank you very much for your mess up with local chat again. You did this recently, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for making this window soo wide, now it takes up a quarter of my screen, which definitely made the interface cleaner. Now I can barely see anything on the screen except this window, which is definetely huge improvement for my gameplay.
Since 99% of local chat content is either scam, or spam, or insults, or meaningless, new players should be glad too, because their fragile, weak minds are more accesible for old eve brainwashers and Jita local f#ckery now.

======== The Final Solution to the Local Chat Question ========

Local chat was the Golden Apple of Discord during last 15 years. The truth about local chat is that most players do not need it, but we are forced to use it for security reasons. Without local chat, nullsecs become much more dangerous place even than w-space, due to the threat of cyno and the lack of need to reveal yourself with probes to find a valuable target. Without local chat, nullsecs not only turn into as newbie-unfriendly place as possible, making care about new players pointless for biggest communities, but also become too dangerous and fruitless even for experienced players, which caused a mass independent unsubscription, which is not good for EVE’s health and we will see this in the Q4 report of Pearl Abyss. All the words that matter have already been said many times in 15 years,… let’s try the picture.

  • This will help us all to get rid of one of the most useless windows in game
  • This will be The Big Fat Dot after Blackout story.
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Remove the standings, and it’ll be worth considering.

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Nullsecers would unsub without standings.

We have all this and more (names), so it doesn"t make sense not to provide that information with local replacement.

Especially because I believe that what OP suggests will still keep local and all its functionalities intact, so if all you see in that summary is number of capsuleers, then it will solve nothing and everyone will need to have local window open anyway.

I like this suggestion, it provides a little less info than local right now but enough to get rid of local for good without considerable risk.

Oh boo, hoo. I should care because why?

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Because then this otherwise nice idea will never gets implemented.

I have personal interest in this as I play with just one monitor and it is not that 49 which is supposed to be the perfect monitor for EVE players but shitty 21. I barely see anything else than windows on my screen and this would help me tremedously.

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Honestly, that’s fine too.

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You are so worried about it that you wrote three answers. You were absolutely free to pass by, but you worry about it. Can thou explain us why?

Because it’s a pretty terrible idea. We don’t need tools to make it easier to tell if there is a hostile in system. Giving an easy “hey, here’s how many hostiles/neutrals are in system with you” is pretty silly, especially in busy and crowded systems.

There are plenty of people who let their guards down in crowded systems like Jita. Even more if you consider home systems in nullsec where hundreds upon hundreds of people may be located. Pirates and gankers take advantage of the busy local in order to pick off kills under the noses of large alliances.

This would render that kind of activity even more difficult by giving people a super easy readout whenever a neutral/hostile shows up.

In addition, it also makes it easier for nullsec intel networks, particularly those of common botting practices. While it’s already fairly easy to track neutral movement through systems, we don’t need to make it easier by having a clear indicator of how many neutrals/hostiles have entered the system.

Finally, the picture poorly explains how busy and horrific this layout will be once you expand it beyond the 3 indicators that he’s shown. You have 5 standing levels, from -10 (Red) -5 (Orange), 0 (Grey), +5 (Light Blue) +10 (Dark Blue). So there’s 5 indicators we need already. He’s also showing purple, which I’m assuming means Fleet Members.

Cool, now we need to consider the difference between a Neutral (Grey) and a No Standing (Black), Corporation Members (Light Green). Nevermind that we also need to consider Suspects, Criminals, War Targets, War Allies. Don’t forget the plethora of personal, corp, and alliance specific standings.

Are you only going to show the ones that are available in system? Are you going to ALL of them at the same time? If Local doesn’t show which player is in your Alliance, how do you know which of the players in the [Blue 24] are your Alliance mates unless you go through each and every name to figure out who is and who isn’t in your alliance? How do you know which individual is Red versus Red Flashing?

If the answer to these above questions is “well, you just look at local and see what the icon is next to the person’s name”, then you understand why this is a dumb idea. It’s cute, but doesn’t actually add anything useful and it’s actually worse if you try to imagine it’s use in a practice sense.

Unless of course, you’re some filthy krab who only wants to get an easy way to find out when a hostile enters your system.

All the words that matter

You asked. If you can’t handle it, then don’t. :woman_shrugging:

Well, it was never supposed to be an intel tool.

Nullsec was never supposed to be a newbie ISK-farming paradise.

I just have to ask… Were you looking into a mirror while writing that?

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