Unplayable--unless your pvp hunting

This latest patch, which delays local updates seemingly randomly, has made basic ratting and non payed isk making very untenable and un-reliable.
I do not mind a good fight, and actively pvp moderatly often, I always go on the runs and roams as much as i can since i returned to eve, so not really that much of a carebear.

As a generally very alert player, who when needed to make isk rather than buy flex constantly, decides to rat , without relogging after every site, local chat updates seem to become very unstable, very often with disconnects to chat servers every 30 minutes.

This lends to the hunting teams a real advantage, I mean I understand pvp guys want easy kills, everyone loves em, but the current situation really busts the mechanics for being able to quickly respond to enemy pvp hunt teams when you do not know they are in zone until they land on you.
I am saying because this latest update has made a fundamental change to game mechanics, it basically has made counter mechanics to being jumped obsolete, as you cant warp off when local spikes with enemies.
Was this intentional CCP? Are there any updates to fix this, or has this become a pvp hunt or pay for flex game? Not leaving, but not that thrilled that the added risk to hunting has been added without solid communications.

Salty Carebear tears done, So tell me please CCP, suck it up as this is permanent or is this being looked into? I will change my gameplay style no problem, but would be nice as a member of the community to have some communication.



I understand the issue where the game mechanics is broken and we not sure is the local working? Delay? Not working at all? Need to be fixed!

Don’t take it personally!
But I can’t hold back the salt I have popping out of my salt container!!

Please implement auto dock up and log-off once hostile jumps on local.
Also for bonus make it automatically start another game of your choice, once EVE is successfuly logged.


Lol you still have intel channels, d-scan, an overview, and can put cloakies on the gate. Stop being bad.


Yeah, All true, already replaced the rattlesnake, but blah, having local helped a lot for rat time. All in good fun, right? And lining up a BS after seeing him on dscan is a bit slow compared to lock time , true i could have ran with AB. They came from WH, but still yes, I did not scan out the system and mark it, so thats on me.

My point still though, its a major change not communicated about local lag or chat local disconnect (as was my case) IMO this is the core of the issue. Not a game stopper, but definitely a new “feature”.

Thats odd.

I seem to remember many nullbears arguing that no Local would only make life harder for hunters…?

Did that not turn out to be the case?

Lol hell no, i never saw the team that dumped on me until he was on screen, happily yellowing up on the fat rattler =D. And I have no idea what they saw in local, only what I did not. Ha.

Good then :slight_smile:
NS needed more PvP.


That’s why I liked pirate burner missioning. It’s almost risk free even without local.

First you put as many burner ships in nearby systems as you can and travel by cheap intys/covops, so you won’t lost burner ships to gate camps.

Most scanners would not be interested in frigs. And even if they scan you down(haven’t ever happened in my past 1-2 years doing burners), the site is limited to small or medium ships, while most normal pvp ships will be simply pwned by the burners. Some sites, like team burners using ECM kiting strategy, or Serpentis base takes place more than 100km from the warp in and you shouldn’t be caught. Maybe if you mark down the Talos wrecks and pick it up after completing the mission you may get some risk.

Dramiel/Succubus/Worm can be killed within 2 minutes so the time window is short, plus the difficulty when you don’t want to let your prey see probes on dscan.

Cruor/Daredevil Burners takes a bit longer to kill, but you can always drop a mobile depot, refit 2 stabilizers and warp out, and watch the hunter just jumped in pwned by burner.


No Missions out in my space, but point made, I could do it in a cerb fairly easily or even a carrier, I think the previous posters points where all good about nullsec ratting, the whole point was that I could not see the other team in local, but they could possibly see me–they most certainly did with a scan.

When the chat engine allows others to see one list, and not everyone to see the same list I would consider this a bug and basically imbalanced.

just making a point.

Eve is borâš’ed!

That is a good suggestion, would have worked, if i had gotten out prior to the second point, there are some mechanics for mitigation for sure.

Yeah, it is a bummer, I check for a WH, if there is one in system I move to another system without one, you have to diversify, and keep checking for sigs and if a new one turns up go check it out. It is a wet dream for WH players.

Ho hum, I don’t know if you noticed, but the map and Dotlan have intel which is free and allows people to work out if people are active and in space. A lot of hunters don’t use it as they jump in and see how many in local and make decisions, but others do. Those who use local as their primary tool of course would prefer to keep it. And by the way if local is downgraded this free intel has to go too.

Yes, free and available to everyone, everywhere.

No, as they are unrelated.

Local intel is available only to persons in that system, and is set by Chat setting.
Map info is universal. Anyone anywhere can check map data.

API for Map and Local are also distinct, afaik.
Ive never heard of a 3rd party site that displays the Local of a system you are not in yourself. If there is one, Id love to hear where. (Streamers do show Local sometimes, but that’s not related to API. Its basically just the same as watching a friends screen)

If you want to remove map data from EVE, well, thats a different discussion.

Our intel channels are really good, but even those are impacted by the chat disconnects. I have noticed I lose connections to more than just local, but when time stamp stops on intel channels for more than 5 minutes I know somethings up, and low and behold, after relog all the chatty intels start up again.
Honestly though, I am a bit tired of bitching about it, who wants to go on a roam for borked local and find some fatties? Admittedly much fun.

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Then go on runs with the hunting teams til its fixed.

Make hay while the sun shines. You wouldn’t go out hunting if rats suddenly started paying double bounties.


Correct attitude.

I just check for sigs and if one appears I probe it down and if it is a WH I go to another system without one, I also use a scout on the gate of the next system over and I have downgraded to a nice cheap VNI. Having indy stuff that makes most of my ISK helps a lot. The fact that they stop working is what gets me…

And yeah you might as well make hay while you can.

Free intel…


Map data is available to all, everywhere.
Its free in the truest sense, since you dont even have to be in system to get it.
Hell, you dont even have to log into EVE to get it.

Local intel is, well, Local.
You have to be in system there to get it.

Are you seriously proposing that map data should be removed?

The people in system and active, yes, I have suggested that for a long time if local is downgraded or removed, so that people have to hunt for active people and I can chose to go rat in some crap system that no one in their right mind would rat in so they have to really hunt. Is this game for people who like FPS type games, or people that want a challenge when they hunt. It is quite evident to me that it is people who are more akin to FPS players, they log in and spend an hour and expect to get a kill in that period, poor lambs…

You can use map data for that, too.

Map data for ratter/miner/explorer is relevant to find systems with low traffic, to maximize chances of finding sites without competition/possible PvP involvement.

Everyone, everywhere, can use map data.
Its distinct and different from Local.