Do you know that your game is broken - people can’t login - 1 hour 15 minutes now NO response, nothing.

In-game chat and fleet are completely broken for me. Both are blank/not connecting/not connected

local and all other chat channels

Working fine here…3 accounts…

I cannot login any of my 3 accounts. Getting to the character selection screen per account takes minutes, if it loads at all.

I just can’t chat, that’s all. Logging in is fine, I can buy stuff from market and all that.

Remember to submit a support ticket. Otherwise CCP won’t have any data to find the issue :stuck_out_tongue:

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hmmm I was just going to check and she if anyone was having issues with chat. Didn’t realizes there were log in issues. I just thought this was another test to see how people would react to local being broken.

I think an accurate test of that would be by making a special request to have the sky “fall”.

They have been testing no local for over a year and just telling people it was broken.

Maybe there’a DDOS attack coincidentally happening after CCP announced a dramatic change to nullsec…?



No! CCP DDOS’s themselves with the new AI :D.

It’s not global so they’re probably not going to rush to take care of it.

On top of that, my launcher shows 16k online right now which is pretty average for this time of day.

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There were no issues reported with Tranquility or any of its infrastructure at the time this thread was created, or at all last night.

Locking this as a rant.

Please contact your ISP if you experience further issues at a time when there’s not a notification for maintenance or server issues in the launcher.