Servers have experienced a cluster shutdown @ 6:07 NEST

tried logging in at 7:07GMT this morning and wouldn’t let me login, now the launcher is reporting 0 players online.

as a side note, anyone still connected to the ghost of the server might want to restart their PC to force close the connection so CCP can figure out wtf went wrong.

it’s likely having issues rebooting due to the fact clients are trying to hang onto connections? idk.

Yes, not possible to log in and already running clients are completely borked. No warping, no aligning, no opening any menues, not logging off even without killing the clients with task manager. Nice!

just woke up and stuck on “Loggin in” screen. ive tryed deleting the chache aswell.

It’s not just you guys. Lots of people losing connection :slight_smile:


that was my first thought upon seeing ‘an error has occurred’ but alas to no avail. when the player count and the green light disappeared it was evident that it was a server crash.

i make these posts so CCP knows quickly, in the past it’s taken them upto an hour to get to work on a hotfix, when i make posts like this, it has been back up within an hour :slight_smile:

And game down, amarr space, lagspike, and then “server process failed” and then booted off server, o well you all know drill :wink:2021-05-08T22:00:00Z

yep unable to login and it crashed when i was online

Stuck in null-sec with 2 bill loot GG @ probably ded


not ded yay! EVE is up

300 mil in my ship

were at ill save your loot

Launcher says it’s online again with 2500 chars online but login is really slow on some chars.

Here I am connecting over a 4G Hotspot and thought it was just me.

it’s alive again!

That was close. Just reconnected to find my hurricane in structure. Lost flight of drones tho.

Even if they are t2, still cheaper then total loss :wink: o/

Ha. No argument there.

I wonder if that was a test to see how people would like irregular downtimes at random times during the day. :smiley:

seems fleets are buggy