Can't log in... Won't connect to server

I can’t log in today and my internet connection is fine… What’s going on???


a number of corp mates are saying they cant login as well

at 14:02 some are reporting they can login is they use tethering on their phones

I was on this morning and haven’t been able to get back on since the cluster shutdown… They changed something in the shutdown that won’t let me connect now… The launcher is connected and says there are 20K + players online…

it says "Could not connect to the specidied address.odds are that you have not established an internet connection.the server isest running,or the server or port number was wrong " wtf is going on ccp? messing with my falcon again or are u working on the POS and Mod reimbursement you guys said forever ago u would do? let me play the dam game fix yo severs



I know several other people in my corp who have the same issue. It seems at this time to be affecting only USTZ.

Huston we have a problem…

omfg how long are u guys keeping the ustz down wtf ccp

last time I was online was right befor dt and now its my day off u guys going to mess with the servers to not let us USTZ connect wtf ccp

Same issue with my account, been shut out of the game soon 24h!

When is the fix expected to come?

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