Cannot log in. Client hangs on "establish connection to server"

As it says in the thread title.
None of my accounts can log in.
Verified cache, deleted TQ folder in launcher cache, unpinned and re-added all accounts to launcher.

I’m out of ideas.

This game is getting worse by the day and the never-ending log in problems are becoming a serious issue that CCP seem happy to ignore.

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I’m having the exact same problems, it was fine then the next day all of a sudden it took me a few tries to get working for the same reason. Now I can’t log in at all pretty much because of it. Used to work restarting my laptop but now it doesn’t help at all.

Tried a few possible fixes and it’s not worked, have a ticket up and sent a loglite report so here’s hoping they help.

Read online that reinstalling didn’t help though I’m gonna’ give it a bash tomorrow I reckon.

CCPlease fix the launcher issues.

( Made another thread, hopefully a flood of threads related to these issues will get them to take it seriously and at least address us about what’s going on: CCPlease look into launcher issues! )

I’m in the same boat. I am in the north and connecting via satellite, but the only trouble this gave me in the past was connection drops… now I cannot even connect

same here

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