CCPlease look into launcher issues!

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For the last few days I’ve been unable to log into EvE due to launcher issues - various ones at that. At first it just wouldn’t launch upon clicking play on an account, then it developed into a neverending “Establish Connection to Server” screen.

I’ve seen many folks over the last few days having problems with this and no matter how elaborate and well thought out the communities’ fixes are, none of them are working. There are a lot of people having these issues and are being unable to log in and play a game that they are paying monthly for - many of whom with multiple accounts sending a lot of revenue CCP’s way.

Tickets are getting one or two replies and then going silent/being ignored, GM Mechanic seems to have been the only one putting in any effort into helping people and from all I see, must be getting overwhelmed and bombarded with requests for help.

I’m not specifically aiming for a fix in the responses to this thread, more just wishing for a statement to be seen. CCP NEEDS to address these issues properly. Launcher issues have been an ongoing thing for a long time though recently have been once again plaguing the masses. We all want to play what we pay for. We all want something to be done and to not feel ignored by our pleas and tickets seeking help.

So please CCP, make this a top priority and have more than just one GM looking into solving the issues here. Must we all petition the new overlords at PA to send over technical crews capable of looking into a solution for these issues?


Cannot log in. Client hangs on "establish connection to server"
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I as well am having login client issues. Sometimes the launcher is big enough to fill four monitor screens, sometimes it shows in the quick launch tray as running but when I click on the icon it does nothing. Looking for the process in task manager is fruitless as it is not listed there…the list goes on. This has been happening for about a month now. Please CCP fix this.

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While I understand the frustration, I question whether the launcher itself is the problem. It works perfectly for me and thousands of other players.

Could some aspect of the environment the launcher is running in be the issue? In my troubleshooting days, the first thing we tried was a clean boot - get rid of all 3rd party components. Most of the time that fixed the problem, though we still had the misery of isolating the issue to a specific 3rd party component - hopefully there are better tools than MSCONFIG for that job these days.

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