Launcher not working

Hey Folks,

anyone else having the issue that the launcher update went through an then it suddenly doesn’t work anymore ?

Already reinstalled twice, recreated shared content and also installed with the contentpack from the website.

Nothing. It shows CCP and then dies.

Anyone an Idea?

Fixed with the fix provided here Launhcer Displays CCP Logo and then Doesn't Boot - #3 by Barf_Nader

I had the same problem, i did all the normal stuff, nothing worked, what did work for me was upgrading my operating system from win 7 home to win 10 pro.
I think it has to do with eve being 64 bit and win 7 home is only 32 bit.
Either way after 3 days of reinstalling eve and deleting the shared cache over and over, upgrading worked.
Goodluck bros.

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