New launcher problem

I have been unable to log into the game since yesterdays update.
I was prompted to update the launcher and since doing so have been getting this

Thank you

Had the same here on WIN7 x64.
Sadly CCP support could not solve it.
My solution: Install EveLauncher-1225328.exe on disk where EVE is not installed.
Proceed install, BUT CANCEL the prompt to install the new update.
Succes, Jan

I’m on Win10 x64

Sadly, I did not find this post until after I had tried to do the update. Afterwards, Eve would not start the launcher. I tried rebooting, and launcher still would not start.

I am not getting any error messages

So, I tried uninstalling Eve, then reinstalling. Same issue.

I guess I’ll just have to wait for CCP to fix this latest launcher :frowning:

Same issues, to the T.

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