Love the game, but this launcher issue is getting to me

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I was using Linux for a year. Launcher died a week ago. Submitted ticket received fairly quick reply, I sent the supporting documents and never heard anything back.
After messing with it for a week, I decided to put the game on a windows 10 system.

I was able to log in to my alt and train some skills,
I logged into my main and the game wouldn’t start.
Tried going back to my alt and it wouldn’t start.

I want to say “im done with this game” but I would be lying if I did.

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(WEWILLSEE Whatwillbe) #3

Just reinstall once, on Windows 10 there should be no problems

(Medusa of Eve) #4

Yeah, that’s been done.
I appreciate your assistants.
And CCP, I have an “I appreciate your assistants” waiting on you too… I just need to hear something from you. :slight_smile:

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Bro did you read yesterday’s tweet from Ccp Mechanic, known recent issues should be resolved now, only new install of launcher is required

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