Launcher: Could not Connect to Login Server

Was playing just fine not long back. Logged out to get some real world stuff done, then when I come back I get this.

My internet is just fine, as evidenced by me posting this and all other games that require me to be online working just fine.

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same here. cant even bug report because you need to login to do that!

Yeah, tried that too. Just getting a blank white page with “The service is unavailable.” in the corner.

same here from germany

yes friday the 13th no comment


Grrr - me too. Can’t log on

One account logged in a few hours ago - others failed

Hey Everyone,

In the launcher there is a network diagnostics menu. It’s in the top right by the minimize button.

Open that diagnostics run a trace route, post the results and your ISP.


This will help CCP Identify problems along the way for connection.

Example for me ISP : Century link


Same here🙃

Well, I got disconnected mid warp in my freakin Stratios. Now I cant dock the damn thing because I cant log in.

EVE Online Server Status
^ Check this out bois, EVE’s Log in is down.

It seems to be resolved :heart:️:heart:️

Try now

Plusnet here.

woot servers up

Was unable to login for a couple of hours due to the unresponsive IPs. Couldn’t log into the forums to bitch about it, either. :open_mouth:

I’m getting the exact same error. Worked fine last night before i went to bed then got up and poof… Now i can’t get in. Any fixes or is it just one of those wait it out things??

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I’m getting the same issue right now.

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Same issue

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found a fix for this problem, Change your passwords and you can log in.
thats what i did and 100% works

Tried it, and I’m still having issues.