Delay local chat now that we have de-cloaker pingers

Local removal was super effective but then ccp noted that 50% of the paying customers botted in null & they pooped their pants. Even Falcon Punched a Dev out of the door over the 1/4 drop.

So now CCP don’t even care. If you want to be a major entity in eve you gotta now bot. Botting is a pillar of this game, the rewards are high but so is the risk.

This game is now utter poop the forum pvp is the best bit, now & even that got botted last month.

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Proof needed.

right Mr assumptions…


for lazy ppl yeah… we on the other hand are building our null Sov from scratch and we don’t bot. we are having a total success and we are recruiting if you wanna join…

No. Pop dropped a ton during Blackout, you want to kill the game?