Covops Scanner Probes

Hi all, my first concept:
Covert Ops Probes (Core and Combat)
Can only be launched from T2 and Fraction Launchers
Can only be launched by ships capable of equipping a cloak (Covert Reconfig for T3C)
Scan Time and (minor) Strength Penalties
Cannot be seen on D-Scan, Provides Safety for explorers and sneaky scans for combat probers

What do you think? Please provide some constructive feedback, whether positive or negative. o7

As someone who blaps people regularly, I am not for it.

Expo comes with risk. I get you want to just be cloaky in a safe and scan without anyone knowing you are to avoid death by astero but thems the risk you take.

Also if you are in a place like low/null/WH and not mashing D-scan so you can see probes in time, you deserve the death that is coming your way.

I vote hard no.


I agree: Maybe Covops Core Scanners would be too OP for explorers to use. Would you consider Covops Combat Probes viable though?

Nope for the same reason I stated above. I don’t think probing needs to change much. D-scan gives you both offensive and defensive intel. Its a good balance.

I also use combat probes to hunt, and I think the current system provides a good balance between predator and prey. They people who are paying attention can safe up, while the people who aren’t get blapped. I like the way that works, and prefer not to see that changed.
No P2W


You can already scan while cloaked (but the probes will remain visible on Dscan).

With good amount of SP and good d-scan skills. You rarely need more than one combat scan. Which leaves only few seconds for your prey to react. No need to introduce some, out of balance, op gameplay.

Hmm, trying to think of other counter play mechanism to this.

One minute deployment period where probes are stationary on grid in space and visible on dscan?
Sort lifespan and very long travel position time?
Comparable to RSS probes in price?

Recon ships are already invisible to dscan.

Fit a prototype cloak to one and it can also be a cloaker.

undetectable probes is not a stretch. They don’t do you any harm, and local is delayed anyway in Wspace.

Probes used to be undetectable before the revamp and WH introduction were they not? waaaay back long long ago.

Combat probes also help you determine if there’s any rats at a WH before you warp to it (Trigs or drifters for example). So it is useful to use combats to scan even cosmic sigs such as WH’s if you want that extra safety, and then switch to core probes if it’s difficult to scan down 100%.

Hey guys I would like to enjoy my gameplay without added risk or counters I think this would be a good idea.

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