Mobile Scan Inhibitors?


Does anyone know why these, once deployed show up on dscan? Is this an oversight by ccp . surely they should only be detectable with combat probes.

Thanks in advance

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I think the point is that they “shroud” what’s in range of them from a dscan. Forces someone to proble what’s there down and eliminates just pressing dscan to get intel.

I’ve never heard of people using them TBH. I used them back in 2015 when I was ganking in Jita after I would bump a freighter across the grid line.

It’s intentional.

They aren’t meant to completely hide you. Just to make it less obvious what’s nearby.


But it makes very obvious there is something wanting to hide. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t found a good use of this yet… and as you have no dscan inside, it’s rather pointless from this end as well.

I haven’t used them extensively, but we’ve used them to hide fleet comp/numbers when doing a quick bash or low sec pve.

Again no extensive testing went into this, but we felt people were less likely to form a gang to hunt us if they had to grab a different ship to see what we were.

And this is the issue with these. You put huge sign “Hey! I’m hiding something!”.
First: you cannot really hide something while crying loudly that you doing it.
Second: you cannot use it as trap for others as (again) you are crying loudly that you are doing something shady.

I agree that to be of any use these modules should be not visible on d-scan at all. Better if they allow for using d-scan out: they would be perfect hideout for taking cover or preparing ambush. At the same time being scannable with probes they allow for counterplay.


They’re not supposed to be used to hide. They do exactly what their name says. Inhibit Dscans. If you want to completely hide, there are these things called Cloaking Devices that already do that.

Scan inhibs are supposed to just block your Dscan, not provide a deep safe aoe cloak.


They don’t hide themselves. They hide what’s within it’s range. It’s not called ‘OP Idiot Proof So Nothing Can Ever Find You And Kill You Mobile Scan Inhibitor’.

If you could hide your cyno field in there, that would at least be SOMETHING.

point —>

You —>

My idea was to use them with my widow,

Have a FW fit frigate in the escape bay, using my alt to scout for potential targets in a region.

once target acquired drop covert cyno jump in, deploy inhibitors eject and go hunt

would be a cool content creator

Who asked for that? I’ve been gone for a few years, is militant hyperbole the norm here now?

combat probes would find you.

If they did it would be too easy to hide yourself ratting or mining and you’d still see an incoming bad guy to boot.

How many people randomly probe a system without already knowing something is there to find?


Uh huh…and which ships do combat probes fit on?

Is this a trick question?

no restrictions on ship type


I see. Show me your combat probes fit thorax…