Mobile Scan Inhibitors in Null

So I was wondering if Mobile Scan Inhibitors are getting any use in Null now that Local has been delayed?

They have always been one of those things that I think would be interesting to use in Null Sec but Local kind of defeated the purpose.

Without player stories, all we have is zKill, showing not very many getting blown up.

They don’t work to hide anything for long, because the device can’t itself be hidden from the directional scanner; hunters will investigate, probe it down, and get eyes on what’s there.

They only live for 1 hour before self destructing and take up 100m3. So not only are you limited in the types of ships that can carry them, most of them die due to their short lifespan rather than getting killed.

The whole point of the DSCAN Inhib is to hide things around it. Anyone who complains about “bUt iT cAnT hIdE iTseLf” doesn’t really know what they’re talking about because that’s kind of the entire point of the DSCAN inhib.

If you wanted to entirely disappear off DSCAN, use a Cloaking device. That isn’t the purpose or point of the DSCAN inhib.

Having a structure appear on DSCAN act as a warning to others in the system, “Hey, you better come check this thing out because who knows what could be hiding here”, giving you the perfect way to set up Mobile bubbles (these are also hidden) and act as a flytrap for anyone who tries to probe it down and investigate (because warping to it after Combat Probing will cause you to be dragged into the bubble).

I think the issue with these and the cyno inhib is the inability to scoop them back up.

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Yeah I tested doing that on Sisi something like 10 years ago, but never used them in game because of Local.

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