Mobile Scan inhibitors and Obervatories need Love

So, these were released what 9 years ago? I read upon the development history various forum posts reddit and etc. And they have they still have problems they had before. They are too expensive for what you get. I’m sure these suggestions have been made before but I’m going to make them again.

  1. They do not last a long time (1-hour sucks- 3-5 hours better)
  2. They are too expensive (Oh sure well funded Corps can buy them like candy) but even then, the utility (1 Hour) means they are more likely to spend that on something else.
  3. Make them Redeployable. (Once again lot of ISK for a one-shot)

While I’m talking about MSI This also applies to Mobile Observatories and Cyno Disruptors. (though with Differnt stats but the concept is the same)

  1. If you keep the materials costs the same, then add more time and make them redeployable.
  2. If you leave the stats the same (1 hour -one use) then drastically lower the costs (5 or 10 Mil a pop but no more.
  3. Make Different versions at different price points (No, not a “named” one, just basic. advance) the basic is the one we have now but cheaper and the advanced last longer and is redployable. (And more expensive to reflect its reusability) but no more the 30-40% more. unless you really goose the time.

Fyi, your title mentions mobile observatories instead of mobile cyno disruptors.

I have not enough experience with either cyno disruptors nor scan inhibitors to say much about them, but I don’t see immediate problems with making those two deployables reusable.

Yeah, I left the Cyno Disruptor out because there’s other mechanics at play, though I would be nominally in favor of making similar changes.

but you didn’t leave cyno disruptors out you left observatories out…

cyno inhibs are fine as they are, they aren’t prohibitive and are used frequently.

Scan inhibs are a problem in concept not cost, the effort in deploying then even if they were only 10kisk would keep them from being used.

All they do is hide what ships you have near them from D-scan. (In WH they can also hide numbers but there are better tools for that)

On the flip side they make it far easier to be probed down and once the enemy is on grid with you the entire thing is pointless.

It was one of CCPs we don’t think this will be useful but who knows. Ideas

Thanks, I think I was able to fix it, I hope. As for your comments about Scan inhibs. Yes, you are right, I am familiar with them and their usage and operation, and what you said is not wrong. Eve is wonderful this way in that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and your uses and application purposes are different than mine. (This applies to lot of stuff in Eve, right?) That said, those changes would be great, and more people will find clever uses more easily.

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