Mobile Scan Inhibitor Fix

I love the concept of this item, however it is also self defeating in some sense, lets fix this.

keep the 30km Radius, however instead of 1 hour duration, allow it to run off of fuel.
then give the MSI a cloaking feature to hide itself from grid. ultimately this will create a player owned dead space pocket.

so if you bookmark somewhere in space, put one of these down and there you go.

then you make this available for alpha toons it would help alpha corporations create their own space based infrastructure and create content for them.

Disallowed in WH, Pochven, Abyssal space & other dead space areas.

throw on a decloak resistance, which would lower the normal chance from a mobile observatory of 40%, to about 10% or 20% chance instead.

“but what about keeping it fuelled?”
use some of the POS Mechanics and re-activate silos and allow the silos to feed the structure, this way you warp to a silo and drop in the fuel, this would feed into the MSI, in fact some of the POS stuff COULD then be reused (in a very limited capacity)

with this it wouldn’t matter if you’re alpha or omega you could take a slice of the game and set it up as your own and create a small area you can interact with without the hassle of having to dock and undock.

in my humble opinion this could create opportunities for people to create content for themselves without having to sink hundreds of millions into structures, what you’d build with this stuff will never be as good as a structure, but if you want your own infrastructure to do something, you can get that hooked up.

an after thought, some people might complain about this making jump freighters too safe, there is a minor work around here.

create an in game reason, Cyno beacons of all types will disrupt the MSI for Cyno duration + 5 → 10 minutes

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