Mobile Baby engineering complex

Hey guys sorry I’m going to try to clean this up I’m dyslexic

I think we need something that we can take with us into the field invulnerable for 72 hours at a time then she done anchor in 10 minutes and anchor again and 15 minutes

and you’re good to go for another 72 hours because being a solo player and having a weird sleep pattern finding a corporation that works for you can be really hard so we don’t have the luxury

of a fleet to back us up we need to be able to go out in the Backwoods as I like to call it and set up and I think it should also be able to fit in the back of a porpoise

I also think it should not have a super large hanger you should be able to fit a porpoise and an orca and maybe and maybe a go to destroy or like the Algos your item hangers probably being a bigger

than Maybe station container size when is fully deployed it should also have a way you can compress ore or ice make it more easy to transport

I can’t think of the name of the array right now but it should have it built in

thats a really cool wish but it will never come true
its kind of cheery picking
i guess there is a need to replace the small pos towers but thats not what you want

that would make a huge difference for any LS action … anyone would place one with an deploy alt and after 72 hours just take it offline and place it again and so on … there would be no end … that would make it to a structure you cant get rid of …

i would like to have a S structure … online it in 15 mins and take it with me a few hours later … you would have to take fuel with you and the modules for refing/compression (there is no compression only module)

all in all … we dont get that and i understand why


I’m thinking about my play style I don’t have a hundred man fleet nor do I want one something simple to call home

Small structures aren’t out of the question but neither are they anywhere near the top of the priority list. If they do happen, they’ll be a lot easier to kill than the existing structures.

Bear in mind that Dscan has a maximum range of 14.3 AU. Create a bookmark more than that distance from a gate and, for all practical purposes, your ship will be invisible. There are some pretty big systems in Eve - create a bookmark while warping between 2 celestials and then create a second bookmark while warping between the 1st bookmark and a 3rd celestial.

Jesus, your entire post is a huge run-on sentence. If i were an english teacher, i would give you an F.

But aside from that, an Orca is pretty huge, so that would be a pretty large hangar.

But the thing youre talking about, already exists. Its called a Rorqual, and it can fit in a lot of ships and can compress ore/ice too.

The problem with your idea is that Engineering complexes are designed to build things comparative to their size and cost. The size and cost of your mobile baby engineering complex would mean that they may only be able to build up to cruiser-sized hulls. And what about rigs and modules? Are you going to haul those around as well? Cause those already cost and use up quite a bit of space too, which means that they would have to invent either completely new rigs and modules just for your baby engineering complex, or you would need a freighter to haul it around.

All in all, its too much work for things that already exist and already work. Sorry, i dont see the point. Its hard being a solo player, but thats your choice. Eve isnt a single player game, and if you choose to go solo, youre gonna have to live with the problems you face as a solo player.

That’s my 5-year goal is to be in that ship and have a big enough mining Fleet and defense Fleet to handle it but for right now I need something I can take with me until I meet all the people that I trust that much because that’s a lot of money if you don’t trust somebody

I’m for too something to replace the small and medium POS I used to use weekly to compress my ores in HS. A structure very similar to your idea with basically a reinforcing mechanic similar to the mobile depot with one only 24h timer to defend, but cant be docked, has a remote defense use (like manual controlling old pos guns) and one (maybe 2) service module available. No rig slot since its a structure to setup and go, or maybe a bonus to unfit structure rigs without destroying them, the fuel usage would be lower to activate the structure than a medium structure.
I would be willing to go live in lowsec or wh with something like this, but currently I don’t see the point of movint out of HS without a replacement for an under 3-400M staging point. Even for highsec it could be interesting to use those in systems without structure to mine the belt, compress/refine build some stuff and then leave.

But thats the thing though. Rorquals and larger ships like orcas require a fleet to use them because of their size and vulnerability.

I see youve lost an Orca. Well, to be honest, you shouldnt be flying an orca around in lowsec if you dont have a good amount of backup. Otherwise, youre going to lose it over and over again.

Your goal is clearly not to fly solo. So my advice would be to join a corporation that has a good standing fleet and Sov that can protect you while you mine. Then, you wouldnt need what you are proposing in this thread.

So not what i was expecting… Very miss leading topic title. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That said, CCP has mentioned the addition of small structures that would replace small POSes. These would probably meet your needs.

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^ This.

I commonly setup a small POS when farming in a krabhole. A little yurt to use as a bolthole if someone cuts me off from my return connection.

Some sort of quick to setup, quick to tear down S sized citadel will be an excellent addition to my krabbing once POS are completely retired.

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