New module for 0-sec Citadels


What do you think? :smirk_cat:

Put it in the afk cloaking thread.

I think you need to post an idea, not a clickbait link.

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Changed to *.PNG.

Ok. Why?


What does it do?
Why is it needed?
What are the ramifications outside the little narrow scope of the game that you think this idea will “improve”?

In the POS era there was a structure - Scanning array (long ago) - with the same properties. Let’s remember why it was removed.

But me personally have nothing against such a module you propose.


It seems like you’re aware how bad of an idea this is, and have tried to make it untenable in most circumstances so as to “balance it”

This fixes very little, and does not make this a good idea, or a good thing.

Actually this is true, William.
I tried to get into the position of someone else - like an approach in math where you say: hey, yes it is possible, now let us work with that estimated result and see what is out there holding against.

This “balancing” took a few months. I was warping from there to here with several kind of ships and scanning this and that. In the end i found useability in well established home-systems with many carebears and just a few pvp pilots.
Exactly this last circumstance made it a fail in a more global aspect again, because if a usual home-system is that well established, they have a fair ammount of home defense or just enough pvp players to have advantage against most of the hidden and player driven encounters, so such a system is not needed again.

However, the intention was to make people think about it. I was hoping for something one would find, but not expecting.
For the more agile thinkers among us, the good idea is to go into a direction of generally more networked or connected solutions. Almost everything in our world is going to be connected and won’t work stand alone soon. I hope we will percept more complicated modules in the future - where two, three or more capsuleers have to work together to make it work.
We already have this: For instance the capacitor chain or the simple existence of a carrier which is intended to be wothless alone in a battle and so one. But the real, smart artefact… it is still out there hidden in space.

Thanks for pointing out the futile. *:3

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