New Module / Game Play Option (PVE and PVP)

TL;DR new module and possibly new probes for decloaking of objects / ships in a limited AOE range from ship centre

High level details

  1. All cloaked objects have a minimal scan-able signature not detectable by regular probes
  2. New probes to scan these cloaked objects requiring high(ish?) scanning skills to use
  3. New anomaly that contains a single cloaked cache
    3a) These anomalies do not show up on the probe scanner by default when you enter system. You must attempt to scan for them
  4. New EMP module with an AOE range of 18-25km (thinking increased range T1/named/T2) from your ship
    4a) Possibly new skill to use the new module, or link it to Energy Pulse Weapons and make that skill more useful than just for smart bombs

Why this?

  1. It opens up a new PVE content generator with loot TBD, while simultaneously opening up a potential source of PVP content (cloaky people hunting these scanners and baiting them to their cloaked ships, or people actively hunting cloaked individuals)
  2. The module AOE range is based off making it still possible for bombing runs to happen that are intended to be cloaked at around 30-40km away from their targets in larger fleet engagements
  3. It provides an active option to allow people to remove cloaky afk campers should they really desire, removing their current immunity.
  4. it’s not another passive structure that needs fuel (a la observatory idea that’s been floated)

Possible Technical Problems?

  1. I know there’s technical issues surrounding cloaked ships, but I don’t actually know what those limitations are, so it’s hard to make suggestions around that at this time.
  1. Go to master cloaking thread.
  2. Read and realise your idea is not new.
  3. ???
  4. Profit
  1. Master cloaking thread looked like just a bunch of trolling. no point actually posting in there and this isn’t even exclusively about cloaked people.
  2. didn’t notice anything that looked like it matched the above idea
  3. ???
  4. yes please

Closing this for redundancy.