Idea for a Tech 2 porpoise

I’m thinking expanded drone Bay the current 175 to 150 take the bandwidth from where it’s at to 125
Add a ship maintenance Bay big enough to fit a Vexor Navy Issue the Ore hole from 75 to 80 even

Why is there a need for this? What’s the purpose?

Personally it’s because I enjoy ratting and Mining and I think it would just be a great combination And I want to wait to haul my ratter ship along with me Bouncing at moon to Moon stations parking up doing my thing moving on

You are basically asking for an Orca.

Negative I’m not asking for an orca that’s way too big I’m asking for something I can simply move the two things that I used the most the ship itself and another ship that I used to kill rattera I have no problem I don’t need something that big of a ore hold I find the Orca entirely so slow even with stabs in the Lowe’s it’s got a line time of 24 that’s like way too slow

Ok, so you’ve missed a lot of periods in your last post. Perhaps you are pregnant?

More specifically the size of a VNI is 112,000 m3.
A Porp is only 400,000 m3.
The Orca is 10,250,000 m3. It’s ship maintenance bay is 400,000 m3.

This would translate to a Porp sized ship maintance bay being equal to about 15,600 m3. Not enough to fit an Ishkur T2 frigate. Even a venture would not fit within the hangar.


You understand the math of the mechanics a lot better than I do I don’t know how they could work that out I’m not a designer I just know that it would be something that would be handy for my personal use case and I’m sure other people would feel the same way I don’t know

Get an Orca or get an alt to fly the second ship. Problem solved :parrotbeer:

And for the love of ■■■■■■■ god use periods. What are you? 12?

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No I am not 12 thank you very much I’m 33 in July I just would like to see something that you’re able to take a small ratting vessel and be able to do some mining and booster all in one and I don’t like running multiple characters I have trouble running one because I have other people that use to my network resources

Orca. Done.

Really what part of I don’t need that big of a vessel don’t you freaking understand Otherwise I wouldn’t be saying an idea for a new ship really

Then use some punctuation.

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TBF, there isnt a reason for it in the first place. What you’re forgetting is that the capacity to carry fully fit ships is a Capital Ship function, of which the orca is. You’re literally asking for CCP to introduce a non-capital ship capable of hauling assembled ships. In fact, you’re lucky an orca is even an option. It’s big brother? The rorqual? Cant carry combat ships. The orca can. The rest just read as snowflake reasons.

I don’t know I just don’t need something that big I really would like to see him in between the Orca in the porpoise maybe even call it something else it was just an idea

this would literally be a worse than the orca with a higher price tag after insurance and ultimately there is no need for this ship to exist

If anything, a “T2 Porpoise” should be the only ship to field a new type of drone “ice and gas harvester”… (Expedition Drone perhaps…??)
Lets call it “Expedition Command Ship” and give it slightly higher, yet similar bonuses to the Porpoise, just for gas and ice harvesting drones. And a higher price tag ofc.
Obviously this would require mining boost to work with gas and ice modules, along with these new drones.
All of them should have new skill books aswell, perhaps the drone one could be a specializations skill after mining drone V?

It would fit right into the idea of T2 being specialization and right into a niche, which doesnt have any kind of command ship or drones.


before i go further you do understand that ice mining drones already exist right? and that mining boosts already effect gas and ice harvesting?

Naah i didnt know, thanks for sharing. Its been a while since i did any kind of mining.

that would be neat also