Can the Porpoise, Orca and Rorq get some gas mining drones. As a boosting pilot there is no reason for me to be on grid if I can not mine while boosting.


We need this

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The reason to be on grid as boosting pilot is to increase the mining speed of the fleet.


gas drones though. we know that it is not the mass of gas as we have ice drones so maybe just them not doing it because it would be broken maybe?

Not that gas drones are needed, but it took them 10 years to give us T2 salvage drones. I wouldn’t hold my breath…

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50 years later we get gas drones

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One issue with gas mining drones is that they would make the T1 Venture have more gas huffing yield than it’s T2 Prospect version, due to the latter’s missing drone bay.

Another is that some gas clouds deal damage (in null sec, right? been a while since I did that) and I guess it would kill your drones.

I don’t think gas huffing has been designed with drones in mind. Not that this cannot be changed, of course, but I also don’t really see how the addition of gas huffing drones would improve gas huffing gameplay.


We don’t need gas harvesting drones.

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Could be a code issue. Drones are programmed to “orbit” their “target”. Even the mining ones do that, so I suppose they all use the same code-procedure for movement and using their abilities.
Gas Clouds can be 100+ km in Diameter in wormhole space, the drone would fly for ages before even starting to harvest and then be out of drone control range when finally having some gas inside. Maybe they are not willing to invest time for programming a new drone behaviour that would enable them to harvest from “inside” a cloud.


yes pls, but they need to be worth alot to justify their use as gas is worth alot. t2 version should be >20m each.

For the first point, just make the drone bigger than 10m3 so it won’t fit in the venture. It is designed for industrial command ships after all.

For the second, I guess just don’t use them there? Fullerenes and mykoserocin don’t do any damage.

The part that grinds my gears is that a gnosis is probably a better booster than a porpoise because it can fit gas harvesters and mining foreman boosts.

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I would want gas mining drones to be limited to Porpoises, Orca and Rorqs alone. No other ship should allowed to use then .

Please no I don’t want gas mining drones.

Maybe just slap some regular rocks in gas sites, so for every 1000 mm of gas, there is 7K worth of Ore that is based on the local ore avaliblity.

They would have to change the way mining drones fundamentally work. Mining drones orbit around whatever it is you are mining. Gas clouds can be 100km in diameter. It would take forever and a day for your drones to make even a single pass…

just make them 50m3 and use sentry drones as the base, it’s not like your porp has to move

Lets work on Mercoxit drones first. It’s a rock and a drone should be able to harvest it.

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As a slow 50mÂł / 50Mbit drone (Like Ice Harvesting Drone II), I like the idea.

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