Gas Harvest Drone II

Gas Harvest Drone I
Gas Harvest Drone II
Zhetva’ Gas Harvest Drone

:CCPls: :sob:


great idea! :heart:

Can’t see any upsides in having those, so sure, why not.

Tech III Salvage Drones first

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Are you intending for gas harvesting to move to other ships?
What is the intended effect on the game?

Yes, please give us gas drones. The tears will be glorious. :joy:

You can already use Gas Harvesters on every ship that has turret slots. The balancing factor of the Venture and the Prospect (both of which have 100% native and a 25% hull bonus so with level 5 skills and their 2 turret slots accounts for 5 effective Gas Harvesters) is the cargo (5k and 10k respectively). Nothing stops you from huffing gas with a Brutix or a Rupture (which is actually what we were doing before the introduction of the Venture and the Prospect) it will just be extremely inneficient.

If gas huffing drones are added the ships that could potentially benefit from them are the ones with a lot of cargo and a drone bay - the Nereus, the Porpoise, the Orca and the Rorqual. The first could be easily excluded if the drones are made so they require 25 or more bandwidth (like the ice mining drone) or simply by the volume/speed mined, because, again, nothing technically stops you from fitting T1/2 mining drones on a Nereus it’s just people don’t do it because it’s inefficient.

Regarding the Porpoise/Orca/Rorqual at the moment their mining and ice harvesting drones mining amount is added after the bonuses their links provide (because the links don’t affect drones). So if there’s a Gas Huffing Drone and no other changes are made it will act in a similar way - if you want to huff gas with a Porpoise and a few friends in Ventures the links your Porpoise provide will be affecting the Ventures only.

The balancing factor will be how much gas the drone huffs so you don’t get a bunch of crazy wormholers with VNIs huffing with drones and turrets and warping back and forth with a freighter to collect all the gas :joy: Jokes aside you could calculate the time you’d be losing if you use a pilot as a ferry instead of another Venture/Prospect.

Orca gas huffing could be a thing and there could be a bunch of dudes dying gloriously while trying to make a buck.

Regarding the intended effect - an unsubstantial increase in total gas mined should you wish to use a boosting ship while huffing, in a similar way things already are when you mine regular ore or ice.

If the increase in unsubstantial, then why bother?
If the increase is substantial why is this desirable? Is there some kind of massive gas shortage because people can’t mine sites out fast enough?

If the ice mined through Ice Harvesting Drones is unsubstantial, then why is it in the game?
If you can already salvage with salvagers, then why add Salvage Drones?
Was there a massive shortage of Ice or Salvage when those were added?
If you can poop in the field, then why build a loo?

As we already have DPS, mining ore and ice, salvage, ewar and logi drones … sure. It won’t have any negative impact.

Soon in 2030 - 2040 with the upcoming Expert Gas Harvester System.

Exactly. Why take the charm away and limit the experience ? I like to feel the wind and grass tickling my g******s , watch the blue sky and think about the afterlife.

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