Suggestion : Gas mining drone

(Rowdy Ronny) #1

Not sure why there isn’t one yet. I need a few.

(Chocolate Pickle) #2

No you don’t. You just want a few.

(Oran Addler) #3

I want some as well

(Rivr Luzade) #4

No, you do not. Unless you want to lose millions every time a gas cloud puffs and kills your drones with the massive AOE damage.

(Trevor Dalech) #5

Wormhole gas clouds don’t puff and are the only clouds worth huffing.

That said… buffing the gas mining venture with gas drones would make it even more ‘powerful’ for its price. However, a very expensive drone that would allow gas mining porpoises, orcas and rorquals would make me a very happy hunter.

(Rowdy Ronny) #6

True, they would be handy in some situations.

I’ll take my chances. Would you like to loose millions in Ice drones if you get ganked? Probably not but you’d take that risk.

If it’s not available for Alpha clones it’s another argument for them to convince their moms to work harder and make $10 a month so they can spend it on EVE Online.

(Maria Overdark) #7

Actually would be awesome. And if made please make it so that its fast and slick to go there and slow balloon to drift back.

I wouldn’t even mind them sometimes puffing to death if I could have these bloated minions running gas for me.

(system) #8

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