Gas Mining Drones

For every section of eve, we have a drone counter part, all except for gas mining, and I believe gas mining drones would be a good change.
Now they are going to be the same as any drone, except they can mine any gas that you tell them to. the level 1’s would be available to alphas and omegas and it would be a good way to do mining operations since gas mining sites are uncommon and provide a decent amount of cash.

You guys can argue whether these would be a good change to eve or not, and I will try and log in to be responding to these conversations.


Perhaps a pirate faction could introduce gas cloud harvesting drones into the Lore and story of New Eden via some futuristic advanced tech.

Alphas aren’t even allowed to have regular mining drones, so why would they be allowed gas mining drones? Just another excuse to AFK…


CCP has been trying to cut down on drones, as they increase server load. I don’t seem them introducing more drones anytime soon.

Also, you’d just forget them at the gas site as you warp out to avoid the 5 Lokis that just appeared on grid. Hope you bookmarked your wormhole exit.

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Nah. F drones

Cutting numbers of combat drones is understandable.

Mining Ops do not field thousands of people.

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Well, I’m not for giving the drones to alphas, but I am down with gas mining drones. It gives miners and industrialists a carrot at a time when both could use one, and it might help bring some prices down to slightly more reasonable levels.

Anyway, I like it. Unfortunately, you don’t seem to be getting a lot of traction.
No P2W

I’m assuming you haven’t seen the ice fields lately.

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