Alpha Clone Mining Drones

I find it off that the only “Civilian” equipment Alpha Clones cannot use are Civilian Mining Drones… With the upcoming Resource Wars I think it might be a good idea to give Alpha Clones Mining Drone Opration level 1, and bump Mining Drone skill requirement up to Mining Drone Operation level 2.

This would give Alphas Civilian Mining Drones, but not Mining Drone I & II.
This would give them more ship options for Resource Wars, as well as boost their use in Moon Mining.

TLDR: Give Alphas Civilian Mining Drones, but not standard Mining Drones.


You’re not meant to be more useful…

You’re meant to be a trial account, but as is typical in todays society, you got something for free but it’s not enough. Now you want more and more for nothing rather than paying or working for it.

Pay a sub and you can have as many drones as you want…


Shut up.

Namaan, you are right. Shut up was sent a snap reply to the other guy, but this should not be posted here, but in the ideas topic.

Fair enough, I’ll pop a post over there.

It’s not about wanting more, it’s about making sense… Civilian equipment should be available to all, it’s not like Omegas are making and selling them in mass amounts.

I can undertand your thoughts on this question honestly I was wondering that myself. But the answer is probably the same as why ccp wont let alphas ever get barges. They simply don’t want alphas to get to invested into mining.

It’s because we don’t want hordes of alphas bot mining in barges via VPN, which is exactly what would happen…

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Im not disagreeing with you there i’m just going straight to this persons convo at eve vegas (Alpha Skill Additions and Mining) CCP obviously wants to not have alphas too invested in one area.

Which is fine to me, I was only focused on Civ Mining Drones, nothing more.

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