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I find it off that the only “Civilian” equipment Alpha Clones cannot use are Civilian Mining Drones… With the upcoming Resource Wars I think it might be a good idea to give Alpha Clones Mining Drone Opration level 1, and bump Mining Drone skill requirement up to Mining Drone Operation level 2.

This would give Alphas Civilian Mining Drones, but not Mining Drone I & II.
The mining boost would be tiny, and give this equipment a new market life.
This would give them more ship options for Resource Wars, as well as boost their use in Moon Mining.

TLDR: Give Alphas Civilian Mining Drones, but not standard Mining Drones.

Popular advice in Rookie Help given over and over to new miners is not to bother with Mining Drones at all because their yield is so low. That’s normal Mining Drones. I dread to think what they would say about CIVILIAN Mining Drones.

Personally, any extra Ore is welcome, and so I do use Mining Drones. From what I’ve seen in the Belts, so do many other miners. Even though Mining Drones don’t have an impressive yield, when you are using a few of them with some skill investment and some Mining Drone upgrade rigs they yield an amount equal to a Miner I. Having 2 Strip Miners on a Barge is great. Having 2 Strip Miners and Drones equal to a Miner I is even better.

I do doubt that Civilian Drones would yield enough to be worthwhile however. In a Venture you can have 2 Drones (as an Alpha you can’t have a Barge) and those are usually how you defend your Venture. Is it really a good move to use 2 Civilian Mining Drones that will yield what, 50 Ore per Cycle, while leaving yourself defenceless?

While it might feel like you are missing out by not being able to have them, I have to say the benefits would probably be so minimal, and the downside of being totally defenceless so limiting, that things might be better left as they currently are.

This again?

How would they fend off the incoming rats without a weapon? If you tell me to replace one of the miners with a gun I will slap you because mining drones alone are ineffective compared to the miner, specially to an Alpha where skills play a huge role on drones.

You said it yourself, mining boost is tiny, so you either have a dedicated person babysitting you to protect you all or just watch the ships slowly burn because you only got one gun to kill them that suffers from lack of tracking when drones could do the job better or waste precious mining time by warping out, getting in combat ship, warping back, killing rats, warp out, mining ship, warp in.

We do not even know the amount of rats that will show up in Resource Wars, we only know that difficulty will scale up the higher the lvl of the site, up to Battleships.

Even with the same numbers that the already existing Civilian Mining Drones have you would be trading effective drone damage for ‘some more ore’, making a huge risk on how your gun will most likely not be enough to fend off incoming rats. You are not aware of what will come to attack you, you are not aware if you need defenders, nothing. Try to tell me that one gun is enough, I dare you to come to Caldari space with just one turret in your venture, see how that works against the rats ECM.

This is a terrible habit to use the small drone bay to stick in mining drones when it is already tricky enough to fend off rat frigates in a venture with a flight of drones, if it had a big drone bay to hold up to two flights of drones, sure go for it, but you are better off using combat drones with a small drone bay

Besides, a venture can only field 2 drones, which makes things worse, both on the mining yield and on the damage field, but two hobgoblins are still far more reliable than one gun trying to track the orbiting rat.

Yes, because it was mentioned that the last time was posted in the wrong section… As for the topic you’re right, we don’t know the details, but with how tiny and easy a change this is with a small impact I can’t see why not.

If you’re doing Venture moon mining in nullsec those extra mining drones will mean more than a pair of light combat drones against whatever might pop in to ruin your day, and in Resource wars it gives some combat ships a little bit of mining power to contribute to the mission, because unless I read something wrong the payout will be based on how much you put in the NPC haulers.


Once again, they are trial accounts…

Also one “tiny” thing would never be enough for you or anyone else running an Alpha account. All we’ve heard since they came in from players is they want more, for nothing.

Once again, go sub and have drones galore.

You can cry all you want, but Alphas are here to stay. There is nothing “trial” about them… I really don’t care, CCP could delete Civ Mining Drones and nobody would notice, or they could give them market value to someone who would actually use them.

You are right when you say there is nothing trial about Alpha accounts, but they do have their Limits. If mining drones are off limits from Alphas it is only for their own good. You don’t see Omegas using mining drones just because they can unless they are sitting in an Orca or something unable to use mining lasers.

These mining drones are pointless in the Resource Wars. If rewards are based on contribution then as a combat ship I would much rather bring a Miner I since a combat ship has easily more than 2 hardpoints for turrets. The venture’s 2 civilian mining drones (the numbers now) are as potent as a Miner I divided by 4. Tweaked down they would be miserable and they would beg to be put out of their painful existence. Poor Caldari would suffer since the only capable ships to use more than 1 drone is… The Heron. An Explorer ship… So if you happen to be a Caldari Alpha that wants to enjoy mining drones, guess what you’re out of luck, should have picked Gallente to use the Tristan with!

As for Moon Mining, it is a Corp thing, you won’t mine solo, so you will already most likely enjoy fleet boosts from a Porpoise, Orca or even a Rorqual. Unless it is a single person multiboxing all the miners and if they spot you taking the ore for personal gain, then you might be in trouble for that.

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That’s a reasonable counterpoint, thank you.

Silence, Civilian !

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You’re all care bears. Space Nerd Care Bears

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