New ORE Frigate ship

An other ORE Frigate ship, with a whole new ship and stats for it.

Mining Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
5% bonus to Drone Mining yield
5% bonus to Drone Damage

Required Skills

Mining Frigate I

Spaceship Command I

2 high

2 mid

2 low

Drone bay 50

Ore bay 2500

Cargo bay 50

Drone Bandwith 25

shield or armor tanking is less then the Venture stats

Dose not get the 2+ bonus to ship warp core strength

Do comment, rate and give feedback.

constructive feedback is good feedback!

Drone mining scales too well with afk mining.
Alphas are unlimited and free.

Unlimited afk mining.

Alphas can’t use mining drones so this ship has no value for them. Venture with hull bonus for mining lasers will harvest a lot more ore so the ship won’t be much use to Omega’s either.

Forgot about that.

Well, If you look at the Ore bay, it is half of that of Venture, so they cant really afk for too long, and that i’m pushing for the civilian mining drone to be used by the Alphas by removing the mining drone skill need from it, so that why they cant use the t1 still as they will need the mining drone skill to use it as that still lock behind the omega, and this ship was think of for the starting players that went head long into eve and got omega off the bat, it will give them another mining ship from the start to pick from.


When they changed forums did they green light bumping in f&i?

uh? anyways, this new ship is to add more type of ships in for the ORE faction to choose what play style the player want to do.

By play style you mean lock rock and press F rather than lock rock and press f1f2?

Yea so worth ccps time

if your idea was any good , or popular in the community , you would not have to bump it . after 23 days of no activity , the players have decided it’s not needed or wanted .

if alphas are allowed to use mining drones , there’s better ships they will use .

if omegas want to use mining drones , there’s no reason to use civilian .

let your bad idea die a dignified death , don’t bump it plz …

Well most of the time, they have just miss it or not seen it at all, That why i think of at least bumping it once is ok due to that it give it a 2nd time to get seen, but let get back on topic or i will report any and all for trying to derail the thread.

I reason want to see new ship type be add to the game is to add more play style and have a other ship that is a good reason to pick it too and not just have one ship that the best of the best.

You’re not allowed to bump threads outside of specific forums. under “1.Specifically restricted conduct.”

If you want a ship that mines with drones then pick one of the various hulls that has a drone mining yield bonus.

If you actually expect this idea to turn into something implemented in-game you’re pretty sorely mistaken and you’ve misunderstood the purpose of this forum section. The only thing that posting here promises is that someone at CCP will probably see your idea. The likelihood that they A. haven’t thought of it and B. actually like it enough to push for it to get added is minuscule.

This idea is basically “make a Venture but Drones” which is neither particularly interesting nor something that there is much call for. You’ve basically just taken the Venture, swapped using drones for defense and turrets for mining with drones for mining and turrets for defense, and called it a day. Except the end result is a ship that mines worse than a Venture, wants to hug rocks because of drone mechanics which sacrifices half the point of a Venture which is mobility, and basically does nothing better than a Venture except AFK and then only barely.

There’s no point to this ship and no reason CCP should spend time implementing or balancing it.

Fine with ship unless it has bandwidth 5 and could only launch 1 mining drone. Let the Pain lasts for ages…

I know this is not a Yes we will add it, only a idea being send to them and thats it.

Do not get me wrong, I know that this is only sub forum is only for making suggestions and ideas and thats it. I know that they may or may not even look at this thread at all, and maybe they don’t even look at this sub forums at all unless to show face and thats it.

Ps. Wow, really no bumping at all?

They do absolutely look at this forum, if you look at the forums they just retired they even commented in some of the more active or well done threads.

This idea doesn’t have much going for it, as I illustrated above. You’re actively hurting one of the few things the Venture, or a mining frigate in general, has going for it by making it drone dependent.

And yes, no bumping at all outside of the character bazaar and maybe one or two other forums, and those will specifically say so in a post that’s titled something like ‘rules for this section’. If your idea isn’t getting discussion then let it die.

Are you new here? It’s only ideas that have blatant problems that stay active at all. If it’s a good idea or uninteresting then it drifts off

Wait you plan to report people in a thread where you too violated the rules? What is it rules only apply when you think they should?

I see you missed the memo: we have double standards for the double standards now.

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A “quality of life improvement” for alphas is that they are allowed to pay the same price the cool kids do.

It has less to do with blatant problems and more to do with how willing the OP is to keep defending their idea against criticism.

Yes, good ideas also tend to get less activity, but a lack of activity isn’t an indication that an idea is good.

I did say or uninteresting