Drone Mining Ship

I love mining with drones so much that -I Wasted- time since I started playing Eve learning -all- drone mining skills (as well as all the industrial skills needed to maximize drone mining yield) It has been the funnest thing to do.

Now my suggestion.

Make an awesome mining ship that only uses Drones. Make it so that it’s able to mine better than an unbuffed mining ship, but not as great as a buffed mining ship. It’ll also get 0% benefits from current mining boosts, just like before.

I feel cheated. After coming back to maybe trying to just produce/use porpoise outside highsec to mine (cuz it HAD better mining power than a prospect) I get slapped with this latest patch “LOL all your skills are now finally completely useless, and you solo? lol why not quit now, stupid?”

Thanks for reading.

I think it’s a good idea and a while ago I had the idea to redesign the Retriever to fit that role.

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I get the feeling the other guy is you too.

Ah, the weekly “please introduce a ship that perfectly caters to my playstyle” thread.

But I get where you are coming from. Such a ship sounds interesting. But it would also need a place in the greater picture of the game, not just because its a cool concept.

Healthy amount of alt-paranoia, I see? :stuck_out_tongue:

But no, I don’t post my ideas on alts.

Oh no sorry I meant the OP.

There is another mining cry thread too.

Well, such a drone ship could make a good solo mining barge. Even if it had a high yield unbuffed, the nature of mining drones (which cannot be boosted) means that it would not be better in a mining fleet with fleet command ship than solo outside a fleet.

As the Retriever and Mackinaw are supposed to be the solo mining barge and exhumer, I thought it could be nice to turn them into drone-miners to give them a more distinct role and allow players who enjoy drone mining to have a ship for that role, especially now that the focus of the mining command ships is more on supporting the mining fleet.

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Ah okay, had not seen that thread yet.

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