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I do not need any anti drone anti miner opinions. If you hate what we do read then move along. I am asking CCP and the CSM to seriously consider adding Gas Mining Drones to the mix. Having the ability to use the porpoise as a support , booster, ship is great. I would like to be able to mine gas while I am boosting a small fleet of human miners in my corp. I have seen this request before and the only feed back is from those who cry about miners. Keep the focus here and lets see some serious thought put into getting gas mining drones created for the booster ships, I have spent a lot of IRL money to get ISK and SP to be able to provide a fleet service and it is half baked. Miners can not compete with NPC miners that strip belts using up yo 10 ships. Give us a fair shake and even out the playing field. Thank You

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  1. No one forced you to spend real life money. Cry more :smiley:

  2. You realize you can easily make the NPCs fly away right?


Miners are whiners.


thank you for your reply

Enter the belt, take a single shot at one of the NPC miners, immediately warp back to station, wait 3 minutes, go back to the belt and the NPC miners and their response fleet are gone. It’s that simple…


thank you for your reply much appreciate it

Thanks for replying

And NPC miners don’t huff gas. The Orca and Porpoise are meant to be fleet mining support ships, not solo AFK Netflix roid hogs. You may be actually playing at the keyboard and boosting your fleet, but I can guarantee you that 90% of other miners in fleet support ships are AFK…


I’ll test it again but if you use an ibis the response fleet doesn’t even show up

I just use a Venture and attack one of them with a drone, recall the drone, and warp out. I think it also works if you only aggress them with a target painter or similar module.

Yea, when I first came back I thought there was good money in blapping them.

I was wrong LOL.



It does seem kind of odd to me, more for immersion reasons than mechanjcal ones, that there are no gas mining drones. Maybe we can take care of some of the objections by giving them low efficiency and making all forms of mining drone not auto-repeat.

And maybe the mining drones could all be large drones while the command ships have reduced bandwidth to preserve their role as support/command ships.

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Sounds like you fell for the plex to skill to orca scam.

You should demand a refund from CCP instead of whining on the forums where you won’t get much sympathy. Also, CCP doesn’t read the trash posted here anyway.

They already exist.

They are called Alts in Ventures.

If you kept the isk youd not have to mine.

Belt mining is a different kettle of fish to gas mining and you already have mining drones for that. The NPCs are easily scared off and most mining corps know how to deal with the competition.

The issue with adding gas miners is it’s incredibly niche to find someone who will put a porpoise on a gas cloud, you are more likely to find people using them to increase the gas haul of their venture. A ship that is already balanced well. So you would have to re-balance the venture and potentially nerf people who don’t have gas mining drones to v. Now to be an effective gas miner you have to train both gas mining and gas mining drones.

I get why you want to use the skills you have invested but the risk vs reward of putting such an expensive ship on a cloud in low or wh space doesn’t add up, hence why you seldom see anything but ventures mining gas.

IF you were going to do it, I think they should be made medium or large drone sized so that the mining frigates don’t have the band width to use them and you should only give the porpoise the band width to field one as it shouldn’t become a combat drone platform.


WHINING? You need to grow up. Apparently you hate miners lol most of you do. too bad. I am asking for something I believe should happen given what i love to do in eve. What is the problem in asking for gas drones for the Porpoise especially since all I do is sit there in my ship and boost our miners as CCP designed it to do. While sitting there tending to the fleets needs i would like to be able to grab some gas as well or better yet since i am omega allow us to run a venture or other ship along with the porpoise since CCP approves NPC Miners using 10 ships at once.

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Another minerwhiner

Said the whiner, 19 days later.