Mining/Harvesting Drones

Hi all,

With your help I would like to know the following listed below please.

    • Are there mining drones for mining mercoxit ?.
    • Are there mining Gas harvesting drones for mining gas ?.
    • Whats so special about the newly included mining drones in game ?
    • Do mining fleet booster bonuses add to mining drones ?.

Just thought i’d ask the experts and see what feedback i would get.

many thanks .

Let’s start in order

no there is no mining drones for Mercoxit

No again there is no drones for gas I do not even believe you can use a barge for gas you have to use a frigate I believe

There are no new mining drones to my knowledge if you know about some please inform me I’m a drone lover

Again no mining Fleet boost do not help drones unfortunately do we use them on the orcas and the porpoise to mine while we’re boosting yes

07 fly safe

Thanks for the reply, Are you sure you can min with the porpoise ? I know you dish out bursts but i couldn’t get mining turrets on it just able to use drones.

The new mining drones i was talking about are the faction storyline ones. I saw one called a harvester and thought it was for gas.


You’re experience is right. You can’t put turrets on the Porpoise or Orca (I don’t think that is what Jennifer meant), so you mine using drones with those ships and use command bursts on those ships to bonus other mining vessels in the fleet.

Porpoise like the orca have bonuses to their mining drones and combat drones.

This “new” drone which isn’t that new now, called the excavator mining drone, is a very big drone and very expensive which is used only by the Rorqual, a capital mining and boosting ship.

Ice drones exist now too.

Very nice all. Very helpful indeed. Answers my questions. Back to mining i guess.

Thanks & enjoy.

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