Why no mercoxit mining drones yet?!?

Is there any chance for mining drones in the future to mine mercoxit? And even let the drones get damaged by the gas cloud as well as their rorqual?

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Because mercoxit and gas are specialized and you just don’t have drones for either one sorry it’s not going to happen

Everything is specialized…that’s why mining is different from pvp…lol
Rorqals can mine with drones so in theory rorqals are “specialized” for mining with drones so they should be able to mine mercoxit or gas for that matter.

I don’t disagree take it up with CCP we’ve been trying to get technical to orca for a while just to for that special role but I don’t see it happening anytime soon good luck

Orca and Rorqual are technically support ships. CCP gave them the ability to use mining drones when they forced them on-grid with the command burst changes - prior to that they used to boost an entire system from the safety of a POS forcefield.

Orca seems to be in a relatively good place. Rorqual remains overpowered - you should have one Rorqual supporting a fleet of barges/exhumers - not a fleet of Rorquals. Giving them the ability to mine mercoxit would be a step in the wrong direction.

I’m not concerned about overproduction of minerals using Rorquals - that’s self limiting. Mine too much and the price drops - eventually making the big ships unprofitable.


I can’t neither. Agree or disagree on the capital ship because I’ve never flown one but I think it comes down to alliances have way too many and it’s unbalanced the game in many ways but we’re not talking about balance here we’re talking about specialization and I agree at the the capital mine ships do not need any more specialization know what they have because it would take the barge pilot out of service if they could mind their own Merck by themselves they would have no need for barge pilot or Pilot at all

No, its absolutely fine. The problem is that you can 50 box them with ease. Change excavators to a fighter UI and problem solved.

The ease of multi-boxing certainly contributes to their power. Since mining drones don’t have an aggressive mode and need to be managed, I’m not sure the fighter mechanic would make that big a difference.

Changes I’d like to see would be: disable PANIC if there is more than 1 Rorqual in the fleet and slow the drones down a bit more.

I would love to see mercoxit mining drones, but they would have to be less desirable to use than a dedicated miner in a ship fit and rigged for the task. I hate not having anybody available to come scoop up the mercoxit when I am asking in alliance and corp chat, and I want to flip the field so it can respawn and everybody gets a chance at more ore. But I also don’t want to put out of business the pilots that DO have the skills to get the ore.

Let them mine mercoxit. But give each drone a 10% chance of triggering the toxic cloud per cycle (so roughly 50% for a full flight) and make their orbit range fall within the cloud. But give them decent resists against the damage. So you either need to bounce them from merc rock to merc rock every few cycles until the previous one fades. Or you need to keep them targeted and remote rep them as they mine.

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