New skill and drone

(Mole Guy) #1

oooh, i dunno… maybe a GAS harvesting drone perhaps?

give them little vacuum cleaners and call them mini-maids? (spaceballs mega-maid)…

we need something to put in the porpoise to help on those gas sites we are boosting.
ice drone skill
mining drone
gas drone?

or allow the porpoise to use gas harvesters. give it the bonus of the prospect on gas harvesting.

just ideas.

(Victoria RavenSeer) #2

Either gas drones, or a gas central cruiser/destroyer would be awesome.

(Daichi Yamato) #3

For the sake of the porpoise maybe.

But we don’t need another gas harvester ship. You got the venture.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #4

why exactly do you want to nerf gas harvesting?

(Victoria RavenSeer) #5

a somewhat tanky gas harvesting ship similar to the procurer

(Mole Guy) #6

nerf gas harvesting?
i have 4 accounts. 3 in prospects and 1 porpoise with gas drones would be nice

(Nisanthro) #7

I think he means that to increase gas harvesting efficiency with drones CCP would nerf all gas harvesting to keep things balanced. So you would get reduced efficiency of current ships and get about the current efficiency if you used the new drones as well.


(Lugh Crow-Slave) #8


something so many people never realize just take missile for example. we told all the people asking for missile guidance mods that it would only result in a missile nerf and that’s exactly what happened. not only do you need to sacrifice more to get the same application but there are missile disruption mods too.

its simple unless you can make an argument as to why people should be able to mine more gas adding these will only mean you now NEED to have the drone to get the same amount of gas

(Alopex-Lagopus) #9

Moving a large ship to the fringes of a cloud IRL to harvest the outliers would be inefficient, drones can not get those dregs you could not get before.

(Mole Guy) #10

what im talking about is the ability to solo mine ore, ice AND gas in a porpoise, orca or rorqual (not that youd see the later 2 in a gas

(Daichi Yamato) #11

That does lead to more gas being mined. As would a new cruiser that is designed to mine gas.

The same thing happened to freighters as well by the way. People wanted to add mods to freighters so all their stats were nerfed.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #12

good thing the game doesn’t even try to sim rl

(system) #13

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