We need a gas harvesting ship it can use all 5 gas harvesters

(zaptin spook) #1

something like a gas mining barge or something

(Lulu Lunette) #2

Yeah would be sweet

(FT Cold) #3

Ventures already power down gas, especially if you’ve got a porpoise on field.

(Chocolate Pickle) #5

A ship with both bonuses to harvesting, and five turrets would devalue the gas industry greatly.

The Venture is the best ship for the job, adding something better would just mean that everyone trains into that instead. Once everyone nerd and their alt has these new gas-barges, someone will ask for a gas-capital.

(Max Deveron) #6

Gnosis, that is all you need if you know how to fit your ships.

Able to have tank
Use drones
Use 5 gas harvesters
and…more cargo space than a venture.

(Tabyll Altol) #7

No we don´t.


(Chocolate Pickle) #8

And if you’re too poor for a Gnosis, use a Maller.

(Ptraci) #9

This. Plus not many people realize that yes - boosts do help gas mining too.

(Chocolate Pickle) #10

I haven’t huffed gas since the link changes. Do you happen to know what percentage bonus I might expect with a max-skill Porp?

(Ptraci) #11

The bonus comes as reduced cycle time. IIRC my cycle time for T2 gas harvesters was down to 27 sec with a porpoise

(Max Deveron) #12


my dozen or so were free, so.

(Amarisen Gream) #13

They would probably be better off redoing the skill it’s self. Maybe make it a bonus to yield or cycle time or reduction in fitting cost.

(Cartheron Crust) #14

Any ship with 5 turrets and some lows. I used to use a Vaga for it way back when. =/

(Shallanna Yassavi) #15

If you make a bigger gas miner, you depress the price of gas and make ninja mining not worth it, except in those sites where sig radius is really important.

(elitatwo) #16

Biomass yourself.

(system) #17

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